Rogue Trader House Levoth

Bridge Officers of the Crimson Tide

Captain Jurgen Levoth

Arch Militant Archibald [Deceased]

Voidmaster Watson

Seneschal Sebastion

Astropath Tolilo

Navigator Ceres

Enginseer Chekov

Brother Holstrum

Acquisition Party

Points: 258
Renown: 3
Requisition Points: 0


Jurgen Levoth, Rogue Trader Captain


Landing Squad Blue I [5x Ship's Armsmen]

Landing Squad Blue II [5x Ship's Armsmen]

Corporal Levit, House Guardsman

Corporal Tail, House Guardsman

Aun'El, T'au Emissary

Ukufa, Kroot Mercenary

Elbad, Kroot Mercenary

Elgor, Kroot Mercenary


Tolilo, Ship's Astropath

Watson, Voidmaster

Landing Zone Alpha

Forward Base

A heavy duty halo barge brought the House Levosh forces to Kasr Sonnen. Quickly setting up in one of the many ruined cities on the surface the House Guard set up a defensive perimeter as scouting and medical equipment are set up within the holds of the barge.

  • Level 1
  • Kill-Team: 250pts
  • Comms Array:
    • Placed in deployment zone at the start of a battle.
    • Re-roll failed reserve rolls.
  • Medical Facilities:
    • Re-roll one injury result per battle.

Heroic Deeds:

Captain Jurgen slew the Adeptus Astartes Ramello with a single shot of his duelling pistol.

Honoured Dead:

  • Arch Militant Archibald.
  • House Guardsman, Sergeant Johnson.
  • House Guardsman, Specialist Pel.
  • Ship's Armsmen [VII].
  • Kroot Mercenaries Prok, Iphiko and Angkhor.
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