Cadre Epsilon-Nine-Nine


Renown: 5
Req. Points: 0


Sternguard Veteran Sergeant Orpheus, Silver Skulls


Battle-brother Simeon, Silver Skulls

Battle-brother Volker, Silver Skulls

Battle-brother Aviqe, Silver Skulls

Battle-brother Mentus, Silver Skulls

Scout-brother Khol, Raptors

Scout-brother Vex, Raptors

Assault-brother Petus, Doom Eagles


Assault Terminator Lotan, Minotaurs

Sternguard Veteran Ignis, Silver Skulls

Apothecary Micael, Crimson Fists

Astartes Strike Base Patreus


A command-rhino carried to the surface in the cargo bay of a Thunderhawk dropship provides the Astartes of Cadre Epsilon Nine-Nine with a measure of security on Kasr Sonnen. Wounded brothers from the earlier ambush which stranded the Cadre here are held up in the Thuderhawk, and when they are well enough, rejoin their brethren as reinforcements. Meanwhile Sternguard Veteran Sergeant Orpheus surveys aerial reports and maps from the Silver Skulls command-rhino, planning the Astartes next move.

  • Level: 1
  • Killteam: 250pts

Honoured Dead:

  • Battle-brother Ramello, Silver Skulls Slain by the xenophile Rogue Trader and arch-Heretic, Jurgen Levoth
  • Battle-brother Temerion, Silver Skulls Shot-through by the Assassin, Agent Alpha
  • Assault-brother Kalor, Doom Eagles Decapitated by the invisible blade of Agent Omega
  • Vanguard Veteran Zhulor, Doom Eagles Rendered nerveless and lame by the xenos-weaponry of Agent Omega
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