Targeted Reconnaissance Cadre M'yen

Reconnaissance Team

Requisition Points:14


Kor'O, Fire Warrior Shas'Ui


T'Ros La'Rua, Fire Warrior x5

Al'Gos La'Rua, Path Finder x3

Jila'Osh, Kroot x4

Mal'Caor, Kroot Hounds x5


Shai'Drag, Broadside Shas'Ui

Ke'lshan, Crisis Shas'Ui


  • Level 3
  • Kill-Team: 300pts
  • Comms Array:
    • Placed in deployment zone at the start of a battle.
    • Re-roll failed reserve rolls if model within 2".

Battle Results:
1. Skirmish (House Levoth) - Tau Win (Nil Casualties)
2. Doomsday (Cadre Epsilon-Nine-Nine) - Tau Loss (Nil Casualties)
3. Possession (Officio Assassinorum Execution Force) - Tau Win (1x Kroot Casualty)

Honoured Dead:
Kroot (1)

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