Vlademar the Gospodar

From the Gospodar Region
Age: 22
Appearance: 5'9". 130lbs. White hair, green eyes, tattoo, winning smile.
Personality: Rugged,

Doom: This child must never mount a horse while the cock crows

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
46 42 38 35 46 29 46 26 32

Animal Training, Carouse, Common Knowledge (Kislev, The Empire), Speak Language (Kislevarin, Reikspeil), Gossip, Dodge, Ride, Outdoor Survival, Search, Silent Move, Follow Trail, Navigation, Awareness, Concealment, Gamble, Block.
+10: Animal Care

Etiquette, Specialist Weapon Group (Spear, Entangling), Lightning fast Rider Ride test, add 1 to move to any horse for DOS hours per day, Lightning Reflexes, Marksman, Rapid Reaction, Rapid Reload, Rover

  • Horrifically Scarred: -10 to interactions, +10 to Intimidate
  • Mangled Left Ear: -15 to hearing
  • Surgically Removed Spleen: -10 to resist infection

Armour: Full Leather 2 [H, A, B, L]
Dagger (Long) (D4; Slashing/Piercing; Precise +1; Offhand)
Spear (D10; Piercing; Reach [2]; Unwieldy)
Light Crossbow (D8; Piercing; Proven [3]; Pen 2; Reload Full)
Choppa (d10 slashing / d8 piercing , Unwieldly (-10), Unbalanced (-10)))
Whip (Entangling; Reach [3])
Shield (+10 to block)
Huge White Bear fur cloak, Blinging chain of giant bear's teeth and works teeth, 2 doses of instant paralytic poison
Currency: "Mid gold pieces"
Bear the Black Riding Horse w/ Saddle and Harness.

Scrap of parchment with dwarven rune (dwarven)
Shield hob of purplish metal with a rune on it
Ornate gold necklace
Ivory nose ring with dwarven markings



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