Gazetteer - Culture of the Ondorians


Records of Known Events in the Glorious Reign of the God-king

  • 000 RGK - The God-king reigns supreme over the continent of Ondoria after two-score years of unending conflict. In celebration the calendar is reset to zero in order to mark this most auspicious event. History prior to this moment in time is actively discouraged in both public and private discourse.
  • 007 RGK - The God-king declares his intent to cross the oceans east and claim the savage lands of Arlonde. Fleets of shipwrights are put to task building a thousand-thousand ships, while veterans of the God-king's campaigns set to training new armies of men and halfmen.
  • 012 RGK - With the mighty fleet prepared and provisioned, the crusade to Arlonde begins in earnest.
  • 013 RGK - The flagship of the God-king's fleet sights Arlonde, but barely half the ships that left Ondoria survive the journey. Upon landing, the God-king declared himself to be the rightful owner of Arlonde and commanded a mighty city be erected where his feet first fell. Construction of what would soon be known as Arkenstone begins, with the God-king announcing the armies shall cross to the eastern shores of Arlonde in a campaign destined to take 40 years.
  • 053 RGK - True to his words, the God-king returned to the western shores of Arlonde exactly 40 years after his departure, having conquered as far as his eyes could see. Where he once stood two generations ago was now a bulwark against the darkness, the jewel of Arlonde. The God-king named his city Arkenstone, and declared that so long as a single Ondorian called it home that it shall never fall.
  • 053 - 160 RGK - Arkenstone and all within thrive for generations, the natural wealth of Arlonde fattening the coffers of any who brave the journey east. With the help of the steel of the Ondorians the native Umbasa are able to finally crush the warlike Proteans which had plagued them for millennia, forming fast an alliance between the two peoples. Vicious beasts and denizens are routinely rounded up and exterminated, and ancient powers and artefacts unearthed from hidden tombs and reliquaries of bygone ages.
  • 161 RGK - Through some unknown means the God-king completes a malefic ritual in the heart of Arlonde. A soul-devouring demon from beyond the stars, rumoured to be an Old One from before time itself began, engulfed the land in a deep, colourless fog. People and beasts died in droves. Those that did not fled to insurmountable heights or unfathomable depths to seek refuge. Arkenstone was abandoned, it's peoples driven back across the ocean to Ondoria. Of the God-king none can say as to his ultimate fate, for he was never seen again.
  • 275 RGK - Over a century later the Holy Knight Sir Ostra, scion of the God-king, declared his intention to return to the shores of Arlonde and reclaim Ondoria's birthright. As before a great fleet of ships loaded with Royal Lion Knights set out east, not knowing what they might find on the darkened shores of the blighted land.
  • 276 RGK - Holy Knight Sir Ostra and his crusaders land at the harbour of Arkenstone and immediately lay siege to the damned city, pushing out the beasts and denizens which had inhabited it for the last century. After months of endless fighting the city is won, the banner of a golden lion rampart on a field of carmine flown from the palace walls. Word is sent back to Ondoria, imploring any of able body and strong will to join the Holy Knight at Arkenstone. Those who came would be welcome to any riches they could discover, so long as they served in the name of Arkenstone.
  • 279 RGK - The First Expedition lands at Arkenstone, delivering over 10,000 new adventurers and hopefuls. These brave individuals fill the city with trade and take to the nearby farmlands while the Lion Knights make safe the boarders of Arkenstone.
  • 291 RGK - The Second Expedition lands at Arkenstone, delivering another 30,000 bodies which take to the out-lying land newly-conquered by the Lion Knights. Wayhouses, temples and villages once thought lost are reclaimed and repopulated.
  • 299 RGK - The Third Expedition lands at Arkenstone, delivering a far fewer number than what left Ondoria. Horrendous storms and the tumultuous sea consigned more than half to a watery grave, while the scattered landing sent many into the jaws of beasts and worse as the survivors desperately made their way to Arkenstone.

Days, Months, Seasons and Calendar

  • There are Ten Months in a Year: These are counted numerically; First Month, Second Month, Third Month and so on.
  • There are Four Weeks in a Month: These are left unnamed.
  • There are Eight Days in a Week: Untag, Dotag, Tretag, Vertag, Frutag, Sartag, Sutag, and Wotag.
  • There are Four Seasons each Year: Frost, Thaw, Seed, and Harvest.

Gods, Dieties and Patrons of the Known Planes

  • Justicia, the Goddess of Mercy:
  • Malotoch, the God of Carrion:
  • The Silent King, the God of Secrets:
  • Ahriman, the God of Death:
  • Ildavir, the Goddess of Nature:
  • Aristemis, the Goddess of Insight:
  • Daenthar, the God of Industriousness:
  • Gorhan, the God of Valor:
  • Klazath, the God of War:
  • Choranus, the God of Seers:
  • Bobugbubliz, the Patron of Goblinoids:
  • The World Root, the Patron of Aelves:
  • Behemoth, the Patron of Beasts:
  • Leviathian, the Patron of Aquatics:
  • Zizz, the Patron of Avians:

The Royal Lion Knights

Men and women of noble and right stature who show exceptional skill in the field of martial combat, the Royal Lion Knights are the sworn protectors of Ondoria and by extension Arkenstone. Bonded by honour, fealty and blood to the Holy Knight Sir Ostra, there is no task which they will not carry out for their liege-lord.

  • The Watch: Defending the city of Arkenstone, the Watch-Knights are typically lightly equipped soldiers whose calm and controlled demeanour goes a long way to diffusing intercine conflicts within the city.
  • The Knights: Rank-and-file men and women of the Royal Lion Knights.
  • The Outriders: Scouts and light cavalrymen, the Outrider-Knights patrol far and wide the lands of Arlonde, harrying at enemy hordes and camps, and carrying important missives to and fro the many waystations.
  • The Dragoons: Medium cavalrymen, the Dragoons make up the bulk of the mounted infantry of the Royal Lion Knights. Equipped with spears, swords and shields, they are a force to be reckoned with.
  • The Lancers: Heavy cavalrymen, and widely considered very best the Royal Lion Knights have to offer, the Lancers are the only ones tasked with the most dangerous of hunts: dragons. Fewer in number, any one Lancer is worth a dozen lesser horsemen.
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