Ghrond, Renegade Raptor Legionnaire

Chosen of Chaos

Calm, Dry, Professional, Autarkic

Pride: Prowess +5WS -5Int
Disgrace: Betrayal +5 Corrupt, -10 Charm
Motivation: Perfection +5Ag -3Int -3Fl

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
52 53(6) 40(60) 50 50 30 36 36 32(22*)

12' 18' 10 20 15 8 6 11 5

Experience: 3050/3240
Wounds: 20
Infamy: 25
Corruption: 12
Alignment: Unaligned:3 Tzeentch:0, Slaanesh:0, Nurgle:0, Khorne:2
Marks: -
Favours: Chaos Organ (Eyes of a Hawk)

Athletics, Awareness, CL (War), Dodge (+10), FL (Astartes,Horus Heresy, Tactica Imperialis), Linguistics (Low Gothic),Navigate (Surface),Operate (Surface Vehicle), Parry, Intimidate, Stealth, Scholastic Lore (War), Tech Use+10 (550),

Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Disarm, Deadeye Shot, Legion Weapon Training, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Hotshot Pilot (500), *Hulking, Nerves of Steel, Lighting Reflexes, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Resist (Cold, Heat, Poisons) Swift Attack (500), Two Weapon (Melee) (500), Unarmed Warrior,

Cold Killer: Re-roll Righteous Fury Damage
Amphibious: Can breathe underwater
Unnatural Toughness: +4 (Increase TB, + 2 DOS on tests)
Unnatural Strength: +4 (Increase SB, + 2 DOS on tests)
Unnatural Ballistic Skill: +1 (Increase BSB)

Legionnaires' Armour; (5/9) (17/19)
(Careful Maintenance; Life Support System, Infinite Powersource, Auto-Senses, Enhanced Ceramite, Auto-Injectors)
Legion Bolter (Stalker) 4 clips - Awareness @ -30, 1/2 range
Basic 200m S/–/– d10+9X (4) 24 Full - Accurate,Tearing,
Stalker Bolt Ammunition item 1* Awareness test possible
Hellfire Bolt Ammunition item 2* - Toxic (3), Zeal on 9/10
Legion Poweraxe - d10+8E (7) Power, Unbalanced
Powerblade - d10+3E (5) Power

Onir Quicksword - d10+3 (3) balanced
Jarat Calvalry Javelin - d10 (6), reach 3
Chameleoline armour inlay w/ neural trigger
3 frag grenades
3 Astartes Frag Grenades
Astartes Signal Jammer
Astartes Bolter (3) Ammunition (6)
2 det-packs w/ remotes
3 Explosive collars w/ remotes

'Mammoth' - Xurunsh Warmount

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
35 30 70 70 (6)30 10 20 10 10

Wounds: 40
Movement: 12/24/36/72
Traits: Massive, Brutal Charge (8), Fear (2), Deadly Natural Weapons, Natural Armour (2), Quadruped, Stampede, May use the rider's WP as its own
Weapons: Claws (D10+7; Concussive [2]); Bite (D10+7; Snaring [2]; Tearing)
Armour: Onir Barding Plate 8 (H, A, B, L)

Trophy-rack w/ 25 Cromaarg Skulls
Saddle w/ Saddlebags

Bloodspike Fury Strike-Fighter
** Speed2,500KPH/10VU p/strategic turn **Maneuverability +5
Structure: 35 Armour: Front 36/ Side 36/ Rear 30

Forward Gunner - TL Longbarrel Lascannon 600m F/S S/-/-/ 5d10+10e (5) Twin-Linked clip 250
2x Pilot Operated Longbarrel Lascannon Banks '' S/-/5 '' '' Inaccurate ''
Co-pilot - 12x Void capable Missile: 75KM F/S S/-/-/ 3d10+20X (15) clip1. 2 separate targets per turn.
Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Forward Gunner/Crew Chief, Tech-Priest

Special Rules:
Spacecraft - operates as a skimmer or flyer in atmo
Reinforced Hull: Halve Crit results round up.

a)Veteran of Badab War/assassinated an Inquisitor-General b) foiled masterpiece on Surngraad c) demonstrate the perfection of his methods to an appreciative audience (chaos) d) tempting targets/trophies e) remaining squad-mates f) Red Scorpions

Ghrond was strategic advisor to the Raptors' 5th Company when the Adeptus Terra ordered the pacification of Lugft Huron, the Tyrant of Badab. Secessionists had badly mauled the 1st and 2nd Imperial Reintegration Fleets, murdered Inquisitorial personnel and were pillaging merchant ships passing through the Maelstrom Zone. The Fire Hawks and Marines Errant Chapters had been forced into defensive patterns across the Badab Sector and reinforcements were urgently requested. Alongside the Fire Angels, Salamanders and Red Scorpions, the Raptors were called to reinforce the war effort.

The relief force was immediately ambushed in the battle of Gangreatha III. The separatists specifically targeted Raptor fleet elements, severely weakening their frontline combat efficiency. Suffering heavy casualties, the loyalists were forced to scatter and regroup under a new command; that of the fiery Captain Culln of the Red Scorpions. Under these trying strategic conditions, the Raptors were reorganized into squad-sized strike-teams and deployed for reconnaissance, sabotage and covert operations in advance of conventional Astartes assaults. Ghrond was given the great honor of planning and leading several such missions.

On the besieged fortress world of Surngraad, he orchestrated a meticulous campaign of disruption. He enforced a strict policy of zero offworld contact, common practice when operating in enemy territory; only a cloaked recovery ship awaited in orbit. The teams worked with carried and drop-container equipment, hitting vital supply lines, industrial assets and closing in on the elusive enemy commander. Collating a spider's web of enemy defectors and loyalist spies, the capture of Surngraad was to be Ghrond's masterpiece. However, the mission had changed.

Since taking command of the reintegrationists, Commander Culln had behaved with ever-increasing ferocity. He made reckless demands of his allies, heedless of the bloodshed they inflicted. Growing impatient with the siege, Culln issued an ultimatum to the Raptors and Salamanders; retake Surngaard in a week, or he would virus-bomb the planet. Both Chapter Commanders protested the order but were forced to relent when Inquisitorial attack-ships entered the planet's orbit. A combined assault was immediately unleashed upon the polar defenses, a surprise attack that quickly shattered the enemy's main strength. The survivors scattered into hiding, ultimately waging a long war of insurrection against the invaders.

Ghrond and his teams were deep in enemy territory when the attack began. Poised in vulnerable strategic positions, many of the strike-force members were butchered as the planet roused to invasion-footing. He had been betrayed; just as his trap was closing, the assault began. His prize - the wily enemy commander - quickly escaped offworld. His men scattered and his plan in ruins, Ghrond furiously battled north for pickup.

As the end of the conflict neared, elements within the Inquisition became concerned that certain Chapters would not tolerate the out-and-out slaughter of their defeated successionist brothers. Among these were the Novamarines, Howling Griffons and the Raptors. In favor of the more fanatical Minotaurs, Star Phantoms and Exorcists, reasons were concocted to draw these Chapters out of the Badab War. The early campaign on Surngraad was condemned as a waste of resources with all casualties pinned on strategic command. As Ghrond and the battered survivors reached the Imperial Zone, they witnessed their own official censure for cowardice; the Inquisition had declared the Raptors "combat ineffective" and ordered a withdrawal to rebuild their strength. Overtaken with icy rage, Ghrond took aim from his easy vantage point. These honor-less, politicking humans had destroyed his masterwork in one brutish thrust. They had disregarded operational protocol resulting in the death of Astartes, and then had the gall to blame the same soldiers they had betrayed. Mid-way through his speech on the need for piety in command, the Inquisitor-General's torso exploded. The Raptors quickly departed the warzone. In the chaos of Badab's breaking siege, the survivors of the Astral Claws fled deep into the Maelstrom, recasting themselves as the Red Corsairs. Among them were defectors from the beaten Lamenters, Mantis Warriors and Executioners, unwilling to face the censure of the Inquisition and the Red Scorpions. Finally came the traitors from the Imperial cause; Ghrond and his men left Surngraad with many trophies, forging towards the Outer Rim in search of revenge against the Imperium.

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