Gurin Gotreksson

Gurin (gew-rin) Gotreksson

Dwarf Male, Giantslayer
95 years old, 4"9, dreadlocked orange braid, beard.
extensive burns, tattoos,
Sign of the Bull

Firey, Determined, Brash, Militant

58 26 50 70 25 28 42 21
+25'' - +15''' +15''' +10' - +20'' -
2 18 4 7 3 0 1
+1' +6''' - - - - -

EXP: 1860

CK Dwarves, SL (Khazalid, Riekspiel), SL (Guild of Smiths), Intimidate, Trade (Smith*, Weaponmaker*), drive cart, Haggle*, Evaluate*, Perception, Read/Write, Dodge Blow, Specialist Weapon Training (2 handed),

Dwarfcraft, Grudgeborn, Night Vision, Resist Magic, Stouthearted (+10 v fear, terror, intimidate), Hardy, Sturdy, Fearless, strike mighty blow, very resilient,

Weapons: Gromril Greataxe
Armour: Forgeworking apron (1 ap legs, body)
Trappings: Tattered smith's trousers, rugged boots,
Wealth: 10gc

- formerly famed smith left orc-infested ruin of Karak Azgal as impoverished refugee.
- founded successful smithy and raised 2 sons in the Empire, forging weapons for the Middenland army.
-a sword was commissioned by the Ar-Ulric. It was intended as a gift for the Prince of Ustenhof, who was coming to reinforce the city's defenses.
- though he knew he should insist that the weapon be an axe, such was Gurin's pride in his rediscovered fame that he agreed. Gathering his entire supply of Gromril ore, he forged a sword, boasting that it would be unbreakable.
- the Prince received the sword with relish. He was a brash young fop, untested in battle and eager to prove his mettle. Over the protests of the Ar-Ulric, he chose to lead his army out of Middenland to meet the foe head on.
- swept up in the drinking and bravado on the eve of the march, Gurin joined the Prince's northward march, eager to see his proudest creation in battle. he found work repairing weapons in the columns' support camp.
- after several easy victories over Norse skirmishes and scouts, the overconfident commander led his army to slaughter on an open field. Chaos horde counter-charged the Prince's ill-positioned forces, butchering their cavalry and scattering the infantry.
- Gurin witnesses the Prince's blade shatter against a Chaos champion's axe.
- He is knocked out in defense of the camp and fed into his own smithy's forge-fires along with his slaughtered sons (burns)
- escapes due to stray cannonball breaking open the furnace. Flees south with the remains of the army.
- forges a new axe from the Gromril fragments of Sword. Takes the slayer oath.

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