Halbarad Norheim

Halbarad Norheim

Human, Targeteer.
22 years old, 5'11", Grey Blue eyes, Black hair, Scar on left cheek.
Sign of Rhya's Cauldron.

35 70'''''' 30 33' 53*'' 36' 32 26
- +35 +10 +10 +25 +10 +20 +15
2' 14''' 4 2 4 0 3
+1 +4 - - - - -

Fate: 3
EXP: 1700/1710

SWG - Longbow, Lightning Reflexes*, Marksman, Rover, Night Vision, Sixth Sense, Rapid Reload, Mighty Shot.

Concealment, Follow Trail, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Search, Secret Signs (Ranger), Silent Move.
Common Knowledge (Empire), Gossip.

Longbow + 20 arrows, Full Leather Armour (body studded), Dagger.

Good quality spirits
17 gc


Halbarad Norheim was born Akendorf a small city in the Border Princes. Born the son of a hunter he was taught to track game at an early age. The Border Princes have always been a harsh and comparitively lawless land and his father was killled by brigands while out hunting when Halbarad was but a teenager. Upon learning of his father's fate, Halbarad left Akendorf wandered the Border Princes, mostly living off the land. He bacame well known in the region as a fine hunter and expert marksman and was always able to make some coin by selling freshly killed game.

At the age of 21 Halbarad came accross the small town of Grenzendorf. Halbarad felt more at home here than he had anywhere else since the death of his father and ended up staying for almost a year. He awoke one morning to a commotion in the village centre. An Empire noble had entered the town with a retinue of soldiers and was declaring it to be his land be his and the village was to start paying taxes. Angered by this, drew his bow and fired an arrow at the ground between the feet of the nobleman and shouted that he would not allow him steal the land of the peaceful villagers. The nobleman was taken aback by Halbarads impudence but quickly regained his composure. He suggested a competition. Seeing Halbarad clearing knew how to use a longbow, he would take part in an archery contest against the best archer in the Imperial contingent. If Halbarad won, the soldiers would move on peacefully, if he lost, the village must submit with no resistance. Seeing no other choice, and with the consent of the village elders, Halbarad consented.

The competion was simple enough: three shots each onto a standard target from 50 yards. The contestant with the lowest aggregate distance from the centre would be declared the winner. The Imperial champion went first, hitting the bullseye directly. Halbarad's nerves got the best of him and he put his shot slightly off centre. The champions second shot was as good as his first. Halbarad relaxed for his second attempt and managed to get the arrow in the bullseye. So far the champion was winning but it appeared he was over confident and his third shot went wide. If Halbarad could see that if he got his final arrow in the bullseye he would win. He relaxed his breathing, focused on the target and drew back his bow. As he began to release the arrow he knew he had it on target. He smiled as it flew through the air and turned to face the Nobleman as he heard the thunk of the arrow hitting the target. Halbarad looked expectantly at the Noble, knowing full well that he had won.

"Well then peasant, it appears that you are a fine archer after all. We could use your skills in the war to the North. As I'm sure you're aware, any Imperial citizen may be conscipted into military service at any time. Seeing as how this village is now belongs to an Imperial household, that makes you elligable."

The villagers protested and surged forward upon hearing the Nobleman go back on his word but the soldiers were heavily armed and prepared to put down any resistance. Halbarad left the village that day out of necessity, wondering if he would ever see it again. His talents as a tracker were put to good use in the scouting parties, where he had some degree fo freedom but was nevertheless closely watched by his superiors.

Halbarad considers himself to be a highly skilled longbowman and is always looking for new challenges in order to prove this to others. If he is bested by anyone he takes it very personally and dedicates much of his time to proving himself superior, even to the point of obsession.

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