Haraldir's Spellbook

Full Arcana


  • Sleep
    • Puts a creature to sleep if they fail a constitution check. If they pass they take d6 fatigue instead.


  • Endure Cold
    • Exist comfortably in cold environments for 24 hours.
  • Frost Armor
    • 1 armour in all locations, Caster also takes 1 point of Cold damage per armour point in each location. You also gain double the normal resistance against both Cold (not the cold damage caused to you by the armour) and Fire. Lasts for 10 minutes.
    • -1 to increase the armour by +1 in each location.
  • Mancer’s Grace
    • Freezes a willing or unwilling creature a successful Constitution check to rest, for 1 week. They are helpless but do not die or get injured till they defrost. Stop blood loss and poison till they are defrosted. Any magical spells that effect the mind or body are halted and continue their effect when defrosted.
  • Quench
    • Extinguishes all nonmagical fires within 2m of caster. Magical fires make a saving throw.
  • Ice Javelins (FLAWED)
  • Cone of Cold (-2)
    • 3d6 cold damage in 5m cone.


  • Polymorph Any Object (-2)
    • Changes any subject into anything else. Must be an object and must be no larger than small.
    • -4 to increase the size by 1 step.


  • Gorion's Blizzard Warding
    • Ignores first 10 points of damage/attack from Cold damage. Lasts 1 minute.
    • -2 to cast for each +5 points of ablative resistance.
  • Vytho’Zaran’s Flaming Archiecture
    • Creates a wall of flame 5m long. It Deals 2d6 fire damage out to 2m. and d6 out to 4m, both measured from the wall. Passing through wall deals 3d6 damage.
    • -2 to cast to extend the wall by +5m.

Minor Arcana

  • Goriun's Salvatory Blast
    • 20m range, roll to hit, people within 2m of it make a Perception or are Dazed as this makes a large flaring light that can be seen from miles around should it be shot into the air.
  • Gorium’s Thankful Cauterisation
    • Does d6 fire damage on touch but stops on level of blood loss.
  • Kylnazzar's Subthermal Ray
    • Ray deals 1d5 cold damage with a 10m range. Also chills beverages quite well.
    • -1 to cast for each +1 damage.
  • Vero’s Cypher Comprehender
    • Read scrolls and spells despite a mages cypher for 10 minutes.
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