Able Cordoza

Able Cordoza - Sin-Eater Operative, Class Epsilon Penumbra

Zealous, Driven, Calculating, Ruthless

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
38 32 40 35 35' 26 28 34 20


Wounds: 13 Fortune: IIII Insanity: 3 Corruption:

Exp: 400/400

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Imperial World, Assassin, Moritat (reduce Fel by -5), Sin-Eater

Divination: A mind without purpose will wander in dark places (+1 FP)

Build: 6'6", 96kg, Well-Built, Short Blonde Hair, Blonde 5 o'clock shadow, Green Eyes, Heavy Jaw, Pugalist Nose, clad in Oiled Black Leather and Webbing with Red Trim, Leather Face Mask usually worn.

Traits: Blessed Ignorance - Penalty of -5 on Forbidden Lore Tests
Hagiography - Common Lore (Imp Creed, Imperium, War) are Basic Skills
Liturgical Familiarity - Literacy and Speak Language (High Gothic) are Basic Skills
Superior Origins - Willpower increased by +3

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Common Lore (Imp Creed), Literacy, Awareness, Dodge, Climb, Secret Tongue (Moritat) Silent Move, Shadowing

Talents: MWP (Prim), PWT (SP), BWT (SP), TWT (Prim), Unremarkable, Jaded

Gear: Mono-Sword, 6x Throwing Knives, Crossbow Pistol (20x Bolts), Grapnel and Line, Equipment Harness, 3x Stimm, Body Glove (ABL: 2, Prim)

Thrones: 137 (120+3d10)

Special Item:

Character Concept: Think a combination of the Operative from Serenity, and Paladin Anderson from Hellsing.

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