Bishop Cayden

Bishop Cayden - Sinophian Arbitrator, Survivor of the Empty Men and the Damned City

Callous, Weary, Tortured, Faithless

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
25 37' 31 50'' 26 36' 45' 30 35


Wounds: 15 Fortune: III Insanity: 4 Corruption: 3

Exp: 3200/3250

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Sinophia, Arbitrator, Empty Men (Hatred: Tech Heretics, Paranoia, 1d5 IP), Mortiurge

Divination: Truth is subjective. (Int+3, +3 Corruption)

Build: 5'10", 80kg, Stocky, Pugilist Features, Dark Eyes, Shaven Dark Hair, clad in Blacked-out Arbitrator Flak and Trench Coat

Traits: Superior Origins: Willpower increased by +3; Blighted Origins: +5 to Per, gain Paranoia, reduce Fel and Wp by -3; Decayed Society: Begin play with Deceive, Common Lore (Underworld), Forbidden Lore (Cults, Heresy) are Basic Skills

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic), Literacy, Common Lore (Arbites, Imperium, Underworld) Inquiry +20 (200), Deceive, Scrutiny (100), Awareness (100), Ciphers: Underworld (100), Dodge, Interrogate (100), Intimidate (100), Search +10 (200), Carouse (200)

Talents: BWT: Las, SP, Launcher (100), Bolt (100), MWT: Prim, PWT: SP, Bolt (100), Quick Draw, Paranoia, Hatred (Tech Heretics), Rapid Reload, Sound Con +3 (300), Light Sleeper (100), Die Hard (100), Decadence (100), Iron Jaw (100)

Gear: Shotgun, Brass Knuckles, Knife, Mesh Vest, Uniform (GQ Clothing), 3 Doses of Stimm, Injector, Arbite ID, Chrono, Flask of Amasec

History: It could never be said that Bishop Cayden had an easy lot in life. The son of a Police Officer, no mother to speak of, Bishop's upbringing was detached and emotionless at best, his father always placing his work before his off-spring. Naturally, this shaped Bishop into a cold and reclusive teen, prone to running away from home, fighting and finding solice in narcotics from the local corner-men in Sinophia Magna. Upon reaching adult-hood, Bishop was faced with two options; continue a life of crime and delinquency in the backwater streets of his Hive, or follow in his father's footsteps. Eager to prove his worth beyond that of the common drudgery and scum, and to show-up his father, Bishop signed with the Sinophian Police Force, and spent many long years working in the Narcotics Enforcement Division. It was here Bishop saw that the law was not perfect, and that bending the rules was in most instances required in order to apprehend those who so wilfully subverted them. During one such case, Bishop and his corhorts planted evidence, bribed court officials, and extracted false confessions through torture and interrogation, all in the effort to placed a dangerous Narcotics Trader named Eserine 'Eraser' Mediun behind bars. Eserine was found guilty of multiple counts of narcotics possession, laundering, prostitution and murder, and was locked away in the dungeons of the underhive.

Bishop and his team were unable to be publicly applauded for their duties, due to the secret nature of their investigation. There were however, those with the status and power to discover Bishop, one such man being Lord Cobolt Charmene. Cobolt's own daughter had been snatched off the streets by Eserine's men, forced into narcotics addiction and used as a plaything by paying customers. With his daughter rescued from the clutches of perverted men, Lord Cobolt owed Bishop a debt of gratitude, proclaiming that he should want for nothing, should he ever ask for it. Bishop has taken advantage of this resourceful ally on numerous occasions, and plans to continue so into the future.

The successful arrest of such an infamous figure garnered the attention of the Arbites, who offered Bishop a position within their ranks. The attractive pay increase, as well as a substatial boost in resources and power was too much for Bishop to withstand. He donned the uniform of the Adeptus Arbites, and was introduced to the true fight against the enemies of the Imperium. One of Bishop's earliest actions was against the Empty Men of Sinophia Magna, the gene-grown and thrice dammned constructs of the Logicians, which decimated the Arbites Precinct and over 2/3 of the personel stationed there. Bishop was once again called into action when the incident now refered to as the 'Damned Cities' occured, the betrayal of Marshal Skarmen and senseless deaths of loyal Arbites driving him further and further into tortured and faithless distrust of others. After the events had passed, the Inquisitorial team sent to reassert authority over the broken and bleeding city began searching for new recruits. Those men who had seen too much were quickly indoctrinated and assigned to Acolyte cells where their prodigious skills in fighting the occult and the arcane could be put to good use.

A career criminal such as Eserine, wouldnt stay locked up for long. After serving 8 years of his 372 year sentance, he escaped with the help of other prisoners during a full-scale riot within the underhive. Eserine had but one thought on his mind. Revenge. His criminal empire had crumbled in his absence, and it was up to him to pick up the pieces. After many years of collecting information through various and nefarious means, he had finally discovered the men who had put him away. The 6 officers who were dedicated to his case were slowly picked off, one by one, in a series of grisly murders. Their families butchered, mutilated, raped and strung up as a warning to others. Bishop Cayden stands as the last name on Eserine's list, a man who is fueled by so much hate, so much wrath, that it appears nothing can stop him.

Bishop has continued struggles with narcotics abuse, having begun 'using' at a juvenile age whilst attempting to fit-in with local gangs. Even through his time with the Narcotics Enforcement Division, Bishop was always able to keep his private life hidden from the scrutiny of his peers and superiors. The Arbites are ever more vigilant in their screening, but there are ways to subvert the tests…

Bishop now continues the fight against the enemies of mankind, but not out of some moral code of sense of justice. Bishop fights because it is all he knows, to search every lead and suspect every friend of the utmost heresy. He is a man literally seeking out death, an end to his weary and over-drawn existance.

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