Lord Montgomery Archibald Cockswain

Lord Montgomery Archibald Cockswain - Renowned Big Game Hunter

Haughty, Dismissive, Charming, Wry

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
32 40 30 30' 38 26 38 23 36


Wounds: 12 Fortune: II Insanity: Corruption:

Exp: 350/400

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Nobleborn, Family Militant, Assassin, Malfian Bloodsworn

Divination: A suspicious mind is a healthy mind (Perception +3)

Build: 6', 75kg, Pale Blue Eyes, Swept Back Grey Hair, Grey Mutton-chops and Moustache, clad in Tan Coloured Riding Trousers, a Safari Jacket and Pith Helmet

Traits: Etiquette - Gain +10 bonus on Charm, Deceive and Scrutiny tests when dealing with high authority and in formal situations.
Supremely Connected - Peer Nobility and Peer Mercantile
Vendetta - You have powerful enemies
Wealth - You begin play with double the starting Thrones. You are also Noble for the purposes of monthly income.

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic), Awareness, Dodge, Silent Move (100)

Talents: MWT (Prim), Ambidextrous, PWT (Las, SP) BWT (SP)

Gear: Hunting Rifle, Sword, Knife, Compact Las Pistol, 3 Doses of Stimm, Cham, Black Body Glove

Special Item: Nomad Hunting Rifle; Basic, 250m, S/-/-, 1d10+5I, Pen:3, Clip:4, Rld:Full, Accurate, Reliable, 10kg, Cost: 2000, Very Rare (or if we are at a level where it would be suitable, a Solo Boltgun)

Character Concept: Renowned Big-Game Hunter and all round performer of gentlemanly activities. Lord Cockswain has hunted the most dangerous of all beasts across the sector, including the Dusk Fiend, the Fenksword Pit-Thing, and the mighty Carnosaur. Having be sequested to the Inquisition (due to a sizeable donation from his estate), Lord Cockswain now hunts the most dangerous game of all. Man.

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