Dante Cyprus

Interrogator Dante H. Cyprus M.D, Special Legate Investigator

- Wry, Incisive, Eccentric, Cavalier,

Origin Path: Blighted Schola, Munitorium Quastor

Divination: A suspicious mind is a healthy mind

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
43' 32 52' 50'' 31 60'''' 58''' 41'' 12

Wounds: 14
Fate: 1

Talents + Traits:

Resist (Psychic Powers), Strong Minded (reroll fail v psychic), Foresight (10 minutes contemplation = +10 Int), Paranoia (+2 Initiative, secret Perc tests), Light Sleeper (never sleeps), Sprint, Tempered Will (Never test @ -30 WP)
Total Recall, Heightened (Sight), Talented (Medicae), Master Chirurgeon, Jaded,

Basic Weapon (SP), Pistols (SP/Las), Melee Weapon (Primitive), Quick Draw,

Speak; Low Gothic, High Gothic,

Literacy, Awareness (+20), Interrogate (+20), Logic (+10), Medicae (+20), Tech Use (+10) Scrutiny (+10), Search (+20), Trade (Copyist),(Armorer),

Common Lore; Imperial Guard, Administratum, Arbite,

Scholastic Lore; Legend (+20), Occult (+10), Chymistry, Numerology, Judgement, Cryptology,

Forbidden Lore; Heresy (+20), Inquisition (+20), Mutants, Daemonology, Warp,

Mundane Equipment: 80% Encumbered

Rosette, Autoquill, Chrono, Data-slate, Comm-Bead, Mag-Lens, Rubber Gloves, Forensic Field Kit, Backpack, Hecuter Heavy Autopistol, (14 Blessed Rounds) (3rlds), Stub Revolver(2rlds), Tent, Auspex, Injector, 5xMedikit (6 'stimm'), 6 Frag Grenades, Lascutter, Pict-recorder, Bandolier, Bedroll, Hostile Weather Kit, Infantry Lamp Pack, Photon-glasses, Tool Kit, Long Deployment Ration Packs, 3 charges of melta gel, Environmental Hazard Suit, 'Breather canisters (5hrs), Pilgrim Mask, Manacles, Mono-Knife,

Radicals Equipment
Cyphered Ordos Journal, Scholam Hexis Ring, ivory dice, the 'Face of the Widower', 'Heartstone of the Quaddis Clockwork Court', the Grey Psalter, Herrod's Rosette 'black box',

BQ titanium Mono-Cane "Logic"; d10+(5)+1 I Pen 2
CQ Arbite Combat Shotgun, 3rlds, d10+4 Pen 0

CQ Powerfist (unskilled)

Pocket; 10$

V rare Special Item
Storm Trooper Carapace - CQ, blessed,

Autochtherian Combat Chassis

- S,T,Ag Replaced with 30+2d10,30+2d10,15+2d10.
- Lose one Fate Point
- Halve your Fel characteristic
- gain 10+d10 Insanity
- You may no longer be healed by the Medicae skill
- You may no longer swim
- Gain Autosanguine, Prosanguine, Chem Geld, Disturbing Voice, Resist (Cold/Fear/Toxins)
- Gain inbuilt rebreather
- Gain AP2 (all)
- You are visibly inhuman, though you retain your size and shape.


Dr Dante Cyprus - Legate Investigator – 6’ft, 105 kg*, medium build, Dark Hair. Other Comments; untidy.

BIRTH and PARENTAGE; Parents (Mia, Alphonse) were Imperial scientific attachés to the Mechanicus Research station Orbel 66. Subject displayed unusual interest and comprehension of complex physics, chymistry and mechanical problems from a young age. Orphaned at age 12 by the Helix Disaster* – Sent to the Inquisitorial Scholam Facility on Acreadge. Education was difficult – exceeded his tutors intellectually on many subjects, displayed dangerous disinterest in others – A willful student. Now this is interesting – He was fast-tracked into the personal tutelage of a renowned Scholar named Acretia Vane, now thought to be a cover identity employed the reviled traitor, Isstvanian Inquisitor Rita Proust. Under her direction, his abilities were undoubtedly cultivated, yet his separation from mainstream curriculum meant that the Scholam had little to do with his education after age 13. We now suspect that he was tutored extensively in profane matters – in his adult career he has been remarked upon for his abnormal comprehension of blasphemous science and practice.

CAREER; Achieved doctorate by 19 - his substantial thesis on Complex Warp Physics is distributed as a textbook in several higher Scholams. Has also published several monograms, on such topics as “Practical Geology” and “The Mutation of Human Cells in Extreme Environmental Conditions”. Upon the completion of his period of study, Dr Cyprus was headhunted by the Munitorum, earning the position of Quastor. It was an unusual move, as most of his tutors expected him to go into research with the Mechanicus. We now know that he took the job to gain access to military records.

RECRUITMENT;. The Ordos were aware that the Helix Disaster was likely the work of Isstvanian factions, much like the Mara Landing Scandal - an event to produce hardened survivors and future operatives. The trail however, had gone cold and hopes were low that the perpetrator would be found. Indeed, the evidence suggests that Dante searched for 6 years, engaging the services of a professional deviant Assassin named Gideon Constantine in the hunt. Ultimately he deduced that his own mentor, Acretia Vane, was the villain responsible for the atrocity. At this time Rita Proust was operating under special condition, and had few resources with which to elude capture. She was apprehended on Scintilla, and turned directly over to the Inquisiton in Tricorn. Inquisitor Wrex Golspire was the presiding Prosecutor at the time, striking up a firm friendship with Dr Cyprus during the trial. This amity is uncharacteristic of both men, who generally prefer their own company. Dante and his collegue Gideon were recruited to Golspire's service, and have survived atypically long in that role.

RECENT HISTORY; During particularly complex investigation of a rogue banking clan, Dante engineered an interest-rate climate on Cyprian's Gate that inadvertently bankrupted several money-lenders working for infamous Desperado Ruarc Stone. Stone is wary of any scholar-detective capable of succeeding his former nemesis (and Dante's mentor) Acretia Vane. The two have locked horns on several occasions subsequently, notably in their contending bid for a Scintillan Inquisitorial nomination. Both currently carry the rank of Interrogator. note: Stone's protegee Victor Cromwell has displayed a mild form of obsession with Dr Cyprus, evidently imagining himself in the role of 'villain' to the Doctor's 'hero'; in reality he is taken rather less seriously by the budding Inquisitor, who regards his former classmate as a sad and somewhat unstable fan.

Dr Cyprus has recently recorded a notable triumph in his successful capture of notorious criminal Ishmael Venris, the Hound of Vaxenide. Venris was linked to several high-profile political murders, as well as the Tanstar Stranglings, the beheading of Legate Financier Argus Rami, and the Massacre at Cloister Zoo – formerly thought to be the work of an escaped Carnosaur. His capture led to a string of significant arrests, culminating in the complete collapse of the Renuka Cold-Trader Lineage. Dante consequently enjoys the gratitude of the Hazeroth Magistorum Bureau and the frequent hospitality of Munitorum Executrix Praetia Solus, whose promotion he secured.

Magos Biologis note: Dr Cyprus' arc-reactor occasionally exhibits trace radiation from powerful nano-stimulants. Particularly during breaks between cases, he is known to succumb to regressive torpor, depressed at the stagnation of his mind. It is my assessment that he should be kept on assignment, as this kind of equipment abuse may pose a serious threat to his brain in the long term. Indeed, I believe that the constant stimulation of occult puzzles and the lingering threat of death, provide the only possible outlet for his otherwise erratic and degenerative behavior. Staving off the crushing melancholia of ordinary existence seems to be the main cause of his addictive personality, and the root of his consuming desire to attain the Rosette.

Dr Dante Cyprus was awarded the rank of Legate Investigator in M41800, and was raised to Interrogator by 817. He is currently engaged in an inquiry of affairs pertaining to a defunct Rogue Trader lineage called Haarlock.

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