Alaster Cato

Alaster Cato
Scholastica Psykana Templar Calix Primus

Void-born, Battlefleet Calixis

Sanguine, Honourable, Vigilant, Inquisitive

Tarot: unknown
Sanctioning Effect: Cleave only unto the Emperor

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
50''' 25 31 26 43' 40'' 33' 65''' 35


Experience: 7650/7895
Wounds: 12
Insanity: 9
Corruption: 0
Fortune: 2

Speak Language; Low Gothic, Ship Dialect, Battlefleet War-cant, Pilot (Spacecraft),

Tech-Use, Navigation (Stellar), CLore (Tech),

Acrobatics, Psyniscience +10, Invocation, Trade (Soothsayer), Literacy, Deceive, Blather, Dodge +20, Inquiry,

FL; Psykers +10, Warp,

Talents and Traits:

  • +5 WS in narrow or confined spaces/back to a wall
  • - 1 Initiative outdoors, - 10 BS @ long range
  • +10 Command while aboard spacecraft
  • + 5 Fel vs Voidborn

(Psy Rating 4) (+2 powers), Favoured by the Warp, Discpline Focus - Telepathy

Unremarkable, Hatred (Daemons), Blademaster, Precise Blow, Counter Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Swift Attack, Wall of Steel, Armor of Contempt, Unshakeable Faith, Sprint, Resist (Psychic Powers), Strong Minded, Chem Geld, Leap Up, True Grit

Basic - (SP),
Pisitol - (Las),
Melee - (Primitive)

Sword, Staff, Compact Laspistol, Psykana mercy-blade, deck of cards, sanctioning brand, chattallium ring (100 TG)

Midnight blue robes, black samite mantle, tarnished silver mask,

500 TG

Special Item
Force Sword - (d10+1)(+Psy 4)(+STR) R, PEN 6* (balanced)

Alaster Cato is the son of an imperial Navy Officer. As with all children who develop psychic ability, he was collected by the Black Ships and following his sanctioning was posted to the Imperial Navy, as was his birthright. He initially took on the role of advisor, however his martial experience at childhood drew him to learn the art of the blade.

He eventually made a reputation for himself as a skilled bodyguard as well as an interogator and intelligencer within the fleet. Alaster was not content with being only a soldier and became interested in the powers of the warp. He became close with the fleets astropaths and navigators, endeavouring to learn all he could about the warp from them. He also gained a particular hatred for the creatures that lurked within it, invading the minds and bodies of his psychic comrades.

While operating on the border of imperial space, the fleet tracked and boarded a marauder ship, capturing its captain. Alaster suspected that they were more than simple pirates delve into the captain's mind. To his horror he learned that the marauders were scouts for a Chaos fleet. Due to this advanced warning reinforcements were able to join the fleet and the Chaos raiders were easily ambushed and defeated.

Inquisitor Wrex Golspire was the inquisitorial representative with the fleet and inducted Alaster into his cadre. Although he now serves the inquisition, he maintains regular contact with Elias Zohrn, a powerful and experienced master astropath of the Battlefleet Calixus, who mentored Alaster in the art of telepathy during his early years in the fleet. His expertise in psychic lore is often sought after by the inquisition and other imperial scholars.

After only a few months of service in one Golspire's minor strike teams, Alaster was second in command of a mission to retrieve a fearful chaos artefact. The commander of the mission was Drexus Arthris, a talented swordsman and mentor to Alaster. During the mission the team was intercepted by an unknown foe, a single man wearing the guilded mask of the Templar Calix. He bested Arthris and Alaster in combat, executing Arthiris but leaving Alaster alive and mortally wounded. After the nicident, Alaster attempted to find his mentor's assassin, but this far his search has proved fruitless. The Temple has denied any knowledge of the deadly psyker within their ranks.

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