Gideon Constantine

Gideon Constantine

Noble Born (Scintilla), Assassin
Audacious, nonchalant, rebellious, loyal

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
31 49 37 40 45 38 42 27 40

Wounds: 12
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Fate: 3

Acrobatics, Awareness + 20, Climb, Common Lore (Underworld), Concealment, Dodge + 10, Intimidate, Scrutiny, Security, Shadowing, Silent Move, Sleight of Hand, Tech-use, Tracking, Trade - Copyist

Talents and Traits:
Ambidextrous, Heightened Senses - Sight/Hearing, Mighty Shot, Deadeye Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Two Weapon Wielder, Peer - Administratum


for cal's benefit -

Enjoys; Being Infiltratey - picking locks, hacking computers, forging ID's and later, using them - sneaking - and thereby avoiding notice, launching ambushes, sniping from grassy knolls, Deceiving people, Scrutiny-ing people,

Mission of Choice - Adventurous hi-jinks involving Agility scores, such as breaking into moving trains to rescue hostages, or stealing valuable artifacts from the Governor's Vault during his birthday party.

Enemy of Choice - dopey security guards and their smarter, better equipped officers.

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