Hayle Kilkerran

Hayle Kilkerran - Mind-Wiped former Disciple of the Burning Princess

Mind Cleansed, Living Nightmare, Pyromancy

Erratic, Choleric, Brash, Unnerving

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
32 26 31 33 35 38 28 50 20


Wounds: 13 Fortune: III Insanity: 4 Corruption: 3

Exp: 400/400

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Mind Cleansed, Living Nightmare (300xp), Imperial Psyker

Divination: Sins Hidden in the Heart Turn All to Decay (Begin play with 3 CP)

Build: 6'3", 69kg, Pale Scarred Skin, Unkempt Dark Hair, Dull Red Eyes, Clad in a heavy dark brown trench coat and furnace workers overalls.

Traits: Engram Implantation (Begin with Deceive, Intimidate and Survival as basic skills. Begin with Jaded and PWT Las/SP), Failsafe Control, Imperial Conditioning (+10 WP to resist Fear or attempts to control or possess your mind), Through a Mirror Darkly (Begin play with 1D5+2 Insanity and Shards of Memory - Repairer of Reputations), Sanctioning Side Effect - Witch Prickling (You are covered in tiny scars and have a fear of needles. Gain +3 T), Living Nightmare (increase WP by +5, gain Resistance Psychic Powers, begin with 1D5 Insanity), Unreadable Mind (immune to the power Mind Scan)

Talents: Resist Psychic Powers, MWT (Prim), PWT (Las, SP), Psy Rating 1, Minor (Spasm), Minor (Fearful Aura)

Skills: Awareness (B), Barter (B), Carouse (B), Charm (B), Concealment (B), Contortionist (B), Deceive (B), Disguise (B), Dodge (B), Evaluate (B), Inquiry (B), Intimidate (B), Logic (B), Scale (B), Scrutiny (B), Search (B), Silent Move (B), Swim (B), Survival (B), Speak Low Gothic (T), Psyniscience (T), Invocation (T), Trade (Merchant)(T), Literacy (T),

Equipment: Staff, Compact Las Pistol, Psykana Mercy Blade, Quilted Vest, Tatty Robe, Dice, Psy-Focus (burned-out skull), Sanctioning Brand (has the word "Fugitis" branded across his back)

Thrones: 263 (Starting 53 + 3 x 70 Monthly)

Special Item: Pain Ward (p 141 ITS) Allows user to ignore involuntary actions caused by pain such as fire, stun, and critical damage.

Concept: Hayle was once a disciple of the Burning Princess, himself a burgeoning Pyro under her direct tutalege. During a particularly violent assault by the Princess and her cohorts, Hayle was left behind to hold off the advancing Arbites and Inquisitorial parties. He was eventually subdued, and his mind picked clean of details pertaining to the Princess and her organisation. Afterwards he was mind-cleansed and pressed into Inquisitorial service at the request of Wrex Golspire. The mind-cleansing process has left Hayle with many syndromes and disfunctions, including multiple personality disorder, mood swings, melancholy and bouts of sociopathic behaviour. Nevertheless he remains an incredible 'fire and forget' asset, the only real marvel being that he often returns from his suicide missions relatively unscathed and undeterred.

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