Husk Radavar

Husk Radavar - Imperial Worlder, Penal Legionnaire #57678592, Veteran of Tranch, Master of Sabotage and Terrorism

-Callous, Abrupt, Disdainful, Immoral-

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
35 42 41 42 38 40 26 33 25


Wounds: 13 Fortune: 7 Insanity: III Corruption: 0

Exp: 4600/4600

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Imperial World, Tranch Veteran, Guardsman, Alt Rank 1 Penal Legionnaire, Alt Rank 3 Saboteur

Divination: There are no civilians in the battle for survival (+2 Toughness, +1 Wound)

Build: 200 pounds, 6' tall, Well-Built, Cropped Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Chiselled Features

Traits: Blessed Ignorance (-5 on Forbidden Lore), Hagiography (Lore Creed, Lore Imperium, Lore War count as Basic), Liturgical (Literacy, High Gothic count as Basic), Superior (+5 WP)

Talents: Melee (Prim), Pistol (Las, SP), Basic (Las, SP, Flame), Heavy (Flame), Hatred (Mutants), Light Sleeper, Resitance (Fear), Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Concealed Cavity, Jaded, True Grit, Paranoia,

Skills: Drive Ground Vehicle, Low Gothic, Search, Awareness, Carouse, Intimidate +20, Demolitions +20, Dodge +10, Chem-Use

Equipment: Guard Flak HABL: 4, Explosive Collar, Uplifting Primer, Uniform (Fire Dept.), 45x Autogun Manstoppers, 36x Auto Pistol Rounds, Backpack (containing Fuel Tank), Rebreather, 2x Stimm, Lho-Sticks, Micro Bead, Glow Lamp, Knife, 1 weeks Corpse Rations, 1x Pentazem Dose

Weapons: Axe 1D10; Orthlak Mark IV Autopistol, 30m. S/-/6, 1D10+4, Pen: 0, Clip: 12, Reload: Full; Armageddon Auto Gun, 100m, S/2/6, 1D10+5, Pen: 3, Clip: 15, Reload: Full, Manstoppers; 2x Frag Grenades, 4x Flame Grenades (1x Flame Grenade hidden in Concealed Cavity)

Special Item: BQ Heavy Flamer (Ganf Pattern Spore Killer), 45m, S/-/-, 2D10+4, Pen: 4, Clip: 10, Reload: 2Full, Far Reaching (+50% to range), Toxic (After damage is taken, roll toughness -5 per point of damage, if failure occurs, must take 1D10 damage ignoring armour and toughness), Unstable (Roll 1D10, on 1 Weapon does Half damage, on 2-9 Normal damage, on 10 Double damage)

Concept: Firefighter turned Arsonist, punishment by enrolement in Penal Legion, fought at Tranch specialising in demolitions and flame weaponry, sequested to the Inquisition along with other Tranch Veterans, given advanced training in Sabotage and Terrorism by Inquisitor Wrex Golspire.

Character Reference: See Bronstin from Gaunts Ghosts. For visual, see Crixus from Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Ganf Pattern Spore Killer: Ganf Magna is a Frontier World in the Calixis Sector. It is contested with the Feral Orks and Polygum is exported from here. The Spore Killer was designed to clear out Ork infested areas to make way for the growing of Polygum. The Fire Dept. of Ganf Magna had a two fold job. One was to protect the populace from disasters, the other was to use their prodigious knowledge of fire and chemicals to burn out the notorioulsy hard to kill Ork spores.

+++Incident Report: Ref. Fire damage to Holding Block 48C+++
+++For the optics of Marshall-Skitarii Hanso+++

Marshall, Praise to the Omnissiah.

As requested, the following is an account of what transipired 5301869.M41 at approx. 0230 hours at Holding Block 48C of the Meskaritor Sector Precinct.

At 2345 hours, five offenders were deposited at holding be two SKitarii Officers. They were arrested in the lower Meskaritor slums, at a local drinking hole named the Bolt and Chain. The reasons for the arrest, causing a public disturbance, damage to public property, unlawful physical conduct, striking an officer, grevious bodily harm to an officer, holding of narcotics, intent to sell narcotics and public urination on an officer. The offenders were seperated and questioned as per protocol. One subject, the key offender, gave the name Syn Kador, most likely an alias or false name, given he had no form of ID present to confirm this. The story given by the offenders is convoluted and heavily biased, we have however managed to piece together what we believe to be an accurate account of what occured at the Bolt and Chain.

Subject A, the supposed Syn Kador, entered the establishment at approx. 1930 hours. Witnesses claim his appearance to be disheveled and bloodied, a certain wild look in his eyes. Subject A stumbled to the bar and demanded to be served, he produced 5 Thrones and placed them on the counter. The barkeep proceeded to serve Subject A for serveral hours, engaging him in light conversation as is customary. The barkeep tells us that Subject A would occasionally break from conversation to stare blankly at the counter, or the walls, or into the depths of his drink. As Subject A become more and more intoxicated, his demenour swung wildly from sanguine, to vulgar, to depressed, to choloric. He would yell and curse with no provocation, insulting other patrons, the establishment, the planet, the Emperor, the Imperium at large and even the Holy Ordos. After several hours of this, the barkeep decided it was time to move the man on, lest he disturb the regular clientel. Subject A proved difficult to move, refusing verbal and light physical persuation. The situation escalated when the barkeep attempted to snatch Subject A's drink from his grasp. Subject A produced a Guard issue bayonet, and proceeded to pin the barkeeps hand to the counter with the weapon. Subject A then struck the barkeep in the face, picked up his bar stool, and used the furniture to strike another patron who had come to the barkeeps aid. What followed is best described as a free-for-all, with many parties involved in the violence. Subject A proved a good account of himself, sustaining little injury while harming many others in the ensuring brawl. Witnesses claim that tho intoxicated, Subject A displayed remarkable, if sloppy, skill in close quarters combat. A nearby Skitarii patrol arrived shortly and began breaking up the fight. Upon seeing the officers, Subject A was witnessed shouting "Fuck the Police!" before lunging wildly at the patrol. Subject A was able to incapacitate 2 officers before they managed to subdue him with stun weaponry. Apparently Subject A regained concioussness long enough to relieve himself on Skitarii Officer Veritas before being subdued once more with stun weaponry. Subject A and 4 others were delivered to the precinct as per the above description.

As is protocol, all detainees were stripped searched and scanned for any weaponry or other illegal items. Subject A was found to be carrying a long-handled axe, an off-world auto pistol, 3 doses of stimm, and dose of an unidenitfied narcotic, several packs of lho, as well as his clothing which appears to be ex-fire fighter issue. All the above items were policed and stored in the evidence lockers. During the strip search the officers also discovered that Subject A had a conscription tattoo, and was attached with an explosive collar, an item used by slavers and the penal legions. Given Subject A's fighting abilities and the tattoo, we can only assume he is (or was) a member of an off-world penal legionnaire. Subject A was fitted with a standard detainee boiler-suit and placed in solitary confinement, Holding Block 48C. The precinct fire alarms sounded at 0230 hours, with thick smoke roiling through the corridors. The officers on duty began removing the detainees from their cells and placing them in the prisoner transport vehicles, the next most secure area after the precinct itself. During this time, the officer sent to retrieve detainees from Holding Block 48 failed to report in. He was discovered unconcious and bleeding from the head at the door to 48C, the cell containing Subject A was empty. Officers then report that one of the prisoner transport vehicles, loaded with detainees, drove out of the precinct, ramming two squad cars on the way. Further investigation led the officers to the evidence locker and small arms armoury, both of which had been ransacked for weapons and narcotics.

We assume that it was Subject A, Syn Kador, who somehow managed to start the fire that damaged the precinct, assaulted one of the officers on duty, stole from the armoury and evidence locker, and commandeered the prisoner transport vehicle. Officers have begun their search for the missing vehicle, which contained 17 offenders as well as Subject A.

Yours Faithfully, Precinct Officer Skitarii Torce

+++Report Ends+++

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