Hc Ishmaelvenris

Ishmael Venris, the Hound of Vaxanide

- Unnerving, unpredictable, Bilious, Bold,

Feral World, Penal Legionnaire, Bloodsworn,

Divination: Men must die so that man may endure

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
48 28 50 40 40 26 31 25 10

(18/ 8/20/12/15/6/11/10/5)

Appearance; luminescently-pale, marbled with veins, copper colored eyes, needle-teeth, 1% bodyfat,

Wounds: 13
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Fortune: 4


Untouchable – immune to psychic powers, sorcery powers, warp shock, corruption, the supplementary effects of force weapons, daemon weapons, possession and navigator powers. Cannot be detected by Psyniscience, perceived by Astropaths or Divination powers, and never suffers damage from area-affect powers.

Powers that indirectly affect an Untouchable, such as damage caused by the “Fling” Power are not negated by the Untouchable trait.

May never gain Psychic Powers, Pure Faith, Sorcery, or Dark Pact Powers, nor receive the augmentations granted by beneficial psychic powers or healing.
Powers cast within (WP BonusxM) have their threshold increased by 10, and associated tests are subject to a -20 modifier. Warp Entities in this radius suffer 2x damage from Warp Instability.

-10 to all Fel based interaction tests,
-15 to in formal surroundings
+10 to resist Pinning and Shock

Melee Primitive, Pistols (las), Basic (Las) Basic (SP),
True Grit (1/2 Crits), Ambidextrous, Crushing Blow, Dual Strike (1 test WS, apply T resistance once only), Hard Target (-20 to hit me if I charge or run), Unremarkable, Nerves of Steel (reroll failed pinning, +10), Paranoia (+2 Init, always test to notice hidden threats), Resist Fear (+10), Hatred-Heretics (+10 WS), Berserk Charge (+20WS on Charge),

Survival, Resistance (Poisons), Swim, Dodge +10, Concealment, Silent Move, Security +10, Shadowing +10, Intimidate+10, Interrogate +10
SL Tribal Dialect, Low Gothic


Sword, Laspistol, Sawn-off Shotgun, Injector Rig

Knife, 1 week rations, mercenary licence, comm-bead, medikit, Stummers,

Guard Flak, Stormcoat

Special Item

Customised Draethi Pain Gauntlets - d10+2R Pen 0, Shocking, Tearing,


Here follows the testimony of Dr Dante Cyprus, given by correspondence, in the trial of Ishmael Venris – Hound of Vaxenhide, Magister’s Court, Solomon.

“Contrary to popular legend, and indeed the beliefs of the lawmen tasked with his pursuit, Venris was not, in my assessment, fathered by a Daemon, nor birthed by a she-bat. Rather he is an extraordinary physical specimen, capable of outrunning or overpowering law enforcement officials on those rare occasions they confronted him. He also exhibits the peculiar bat-like traits typical of the hunter-tribes of Mortressa - which I presume to be his homeworld. This fearsome appearance, combined with peak-human level physical aptitude, was the cause of the extensive mythology which sprung up around him.

A peculiar mutation in their haemoglobin enables a large number of species (including the human tribes) to subsist wholly on the blood of the Gholam, the dominant species on Mortressa. As they are far too fierce for domestication, the local human cultures (and indeed much of the planet’s ecosystem) are engaged in a parasitic relationship with these creatures; yearly battles are fought for a stake on their migratory routes. Of all Mortressa’s inhabitants, the strangest are perhaps the Strigos Tribe . Possibly the planet’s apex predator, they are uniquely evolved to draw sustenance from the blood of Mortressa’s other vampiric species, not merely the Gholam. It is unclear whether this trait enables Strigos like Venris to subsist on off-world blood; whatever the case, he is alleged to have made a habit of draining his victims across a number of systems.

MO and Capture
I took over the “Hound Files” on Vaxenhide, by which time Venris had already earned a reputation as consummate murderer. For many years the population had been held in fear of a creature that stalked the winding streets of it’s cities, a beast who shredded the throats of his victims. Predictably for such a superstitious place, a trade in the otherwise innocuous items supposedly capable of warding off the Hound (such as garlic and silver) was continued for many years, even after his apprehension. It is likely that during his time on Vaxenhide, Venris was aligned with at least one offworld criminal faction – the distinctly political and financial character of his various victims informs this deduction. Indeed, his great skill is not in dealing out death (though he does so with great enthusiasm), but rather the conduction of his art beneath the nose and notice of law enforcement officials. Doubtless the Court is familiar with the most high profile of his alleged offences; I should add that it is my professional opinion that he is also responsible for the Tanstar Stranglings, the murder of Legate Financier Argus Rami, and the Massacre at the Cloister Zoo – formerly thought to be the work of an escaped Carnosaur. These highly public murders were revealed (in the fullness of my investigations) to be covers for more subtle crimes – most often the theft of valuable information and artifacts. And in each case, he was able to reach targets under state protection, and often within fortified locations. In some instances he actually conducted long interrogations of his victims before dispatching them. By migrating to new hunting grounds in the bowels of various Chartist Vessels, Venris was able to evade capture for several decades. Such is his skill in escaping notice that I feel certain his capture is owed more to the peak-level forensic technology I employed than even my prodigious skills. And I should caution those tasked with his detainment that he is now familiar with these methods; he will not succumb to them a second time.

This leads me to a key point; though exceedingly rare, I believe Venris may possess the Pariah Gene. This is what allows him to pass undetected by psychic sensors and séances, and vanish quickly from the memory of those who observe him. It makes him extremely dangerous, of course to psykers, but also to those who rely on such for their protection. In fact given the potential threat posed by this individual to figures of note in the Calixis, I have no hesitation in advising his immediate liquidation by whatever method is most expedient.”

Ishmael Venris was due to be executed by firing squad at 0800 hrs in 34.806M41. The secure shuttle transporting the prisoner suffered mechanical failure over the Caprican Sea and crashed. The Administratum believes the prisoner died, facilitating his release into the AV-Series Trial.

Kill Cell Iscariot – Operational Report – Mission 9

The Hound has exceeded our expectations as an Operative. Though he rarely conforms to operational parameters, his success rate in primary-objective terms is 100%. The information he extracted from the Primus has proven invaluable, and the collateral was within acceptable limits. Given the overall success of this trial, I suggest that the project be moved to the next phase of development. Turning these monsters to Imperial purposes is a reward in itself.

Addenum 1 - The operative’s skillset is complementary to that of Operative Dragos; they should be maintained as a cooperative unit. However, the addition of a moderating influence would be advisable.

Addenum 2 – the Xenotech artifacts employed by the Hound during his career as a criminal were returned to him for this mission. Given their instrumentality in his success, I advise that the Operative be allowed to employ these devices in all missions forthwith.

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