Joseph Thorne

Joseph Thorne - Pilgrim of the Righteous

Devout, Collected, Inspiring, Indefatigable

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
38 25 32 30 31 28 26 46' 45'


Wounds: 11 Fortune: III Insanity: Corruption:

Exp: 400/400

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Imperial World, Pilgrim, Cleric

Divination: Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken (+3 Willpower)

Build: 5'11", 70kg, Wiry, Weathered, Stubble Grey Hair, Violet Eyes, Strong Jaw, Aquiline Nose, clad in Dark Red Robes and a Cream coloured Shemagh

Traits: Blessed Ignorance - Penalty of -5 on Forbidden Lore Tests
Hagiography - Common Lore (Imp Creed, Imperium, War) are Basic Skills
Liturgical Familiarity - Literacy and Speak Language (High Gothic) are Basic Skills
Superior Origins - Willpower increased by +3
Pilgrim - Begin with Common Lore Ecclisiarchy and Survival.
Seasoned Traveller - Begin play with Hardy
Penniless - You own no items besides one weapon, one devotional trinket and the clothes on your back

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic), Common Lore (Imp Creed), Literacy, Performer (Singer), Trade (Cook), Inquiry (100), Awareness (100)

Talents: MWP (Prim), PWT (SP), BWT (Prim)

Gear:Aquila Necklace, Robes (GQ Clothing)

Special Item: Flame Hammer (Blood of Martyrs)

Concept: A travelling cleric of unshakeable faith. Seen the wonders that the glory of the Emperor has brought to the down-trodden and the blasphemous, converting whole cities and even worlds with his holy light. Joseph does not seek violence (altho he will resort to it if need be), preferring to let the words of the Lex Imperialis convert naysayers and would-be enemies into staunch allies of the Imperial Faith. Joseph is generally cheerful, stable, and a boon to those around him (if they can put up with his "occasional" sermons).

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