Judas Refaire

Judas Refaire, Cleric.

- Manipulative, Vengeful, Pious, Bilious
Origin Path: Mind Cleansed

Divination: There are no Civilians in the battle for Survival

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
43 25 40 30 31 30 26 37 45

Wounds: 14
Insanity: 16
Corruption: 3
Fate: 3

Awareness(B), Barter(B), Carouse(B), Charm+10(T), Climb(B), Command+10(T), Common Lore [Tech](B), Common Lore [Imperial Creed](T), Common Lore [Ecclesiarchy](T) Concealment(B), Contortionist(B), Deceive +10(T), Disguise(B), Dodge(T), Evaluate(B), Gamble(B), Inquiry +20(T), Intimidate(T), Literacy(B), Logic(B), Scrutiny(B), Search(B), Silent Move(B), Speak Language [Low Gothic](T), Language [High Gothic](T), Survival (B), Swim(B), Trade [Copyist](T), Trade [Cook](T),

Engram Implantation - Useful skill patterns burnt onto character's mind
Fail-safe Control - Command trigger burnt into character's mind; Dominate Mind Power delivered telepathically or by specific sonic cadence, must carry out order/instructions to best of their abilities, if command is antithetical or directly harmful bonus is given to WP test to resist.
Imperial Conditioning - +10 to Willpower Tests made to resist Fear or attempts to possess character's mind.
Through a Mirror Darkly - At GM discretion certain rare events, individuals, phrases, sights and smells may trigger "repressed" memories (The Throne of Blood: You stand triumphant, your followers' heads bow as you pass, their life and death yours to command, yours by right. Then abruptly all is chaos and ruin, fire and blood. You are shackled and broken, dark figures drag you away, but that sweet taste of power lingers a moment yet.) WP Test or roll on Shock Table.

Jaded, PWT [Las, SP, Flame], MWT [Prim, Chain], Blademaster, Master Orator, Disarm, Pure Faith, Wrath of the Righteous, Hand of the Emperor, Religious Hysteria, The Unforgiving Blade, Flagellant, Swift Attack, Hatred(Daemons), Hatred (Heretics), Nerves of Steel, Sprint, Crushing Blow, Air of Authority, Unshakeable Faith, Peer (Middle Class, Workers)

Good Quality Chainsword (1D10+2, Pen:2, Balanced, Tearing), Firebombs x 6, Mantle Shrine, Aquila Necklace, Micro Bead, Common Quality Shield Robes (ABL:3, 2kg), Black and Red tinted Flak (ABLH:4), Destroyer Flame Pistol (15m S/-/- 1d10+5E Pen:2 Clip:5 2Full Rld, Flame, 2.1kg)

Special Item: Mailed Fist of the Emperor - Forged in the time of Saint Drusus these icons were issued to Imperial priests whose units fought against the traitor Astartes. Ecclesiarchal records confirm that on at least a dozen occasions Priests wearing these icons were surrounded by pale glow, their bodies shining with dedication to the God Emperor as they successfully matched the physical strength of the traitor warriors. Whether the icons continue to boost the strength of men to superhuman levels is unknown, but time-worn copies are still carried throughout the sector by the Emperor's warrior priests.
When spending a FP to use the Hand of the Emperor faith Talent a character holding a Mailed Fist of the Emperor counts as burning a FP instead.

"The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy."
Judas is a weapon reforged by the Inquisition, his dark past wiped from his mind and the singular purpose of serving the Emperor replanted instead. He is aware that his past memories were taken from him but the psycho-conditioning does not allow him to dwell on the subject, causing mind-numbing migraines to set in. His handlers have noted that the standard pro-Imperial conditioning is somewhat liquid in his mind, allowing him the freedom to decide best how to do the Emperor's work and when to hide his blind faith when needed. As such it was not long before he was recalled from the Redemptionist cult where he was planted in order provide the religious backbone for an acolyte cell.


Character Connections:
Died in the under city of Autocthonia, saving his cell from certain death at the hands of the daemonhost summoned within the body of [CENSORED]

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