Hc Maluskain

Malus Kain, Divisio Immoralis Mortiurge

- Dispassionate, Logical, Decisive, Sardonic,

Origin Path: Tainted Blood of Malfi (Noble Born), Divisio Immoralis, Arbiter, Mortiurge

Divination: Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
40* 42* * 40 41* * 40 40 28 20 36*


Wounds: 12
Fortune; 4
Malignancy - Bloodlust

Talents + Traits:
Talented (Deceive), Resistance (Fear), Peer (Nobility), Peer (Underworld), Decadence, Basic Weapon SP, Melee Weapon Training, Exotic Weapon (Needle Rifle), Pistol Weapon (Flame), True Grit, Crushing Blow, Street Fighting, Step Aside, Swift Attack, Logic, Crack Shot, Mighty Shot

Forbidden Lore -Cults+10, Scholastic Lore Occult, Speak; Low Gothic, Literacy, CL Imperium, Arbites,

Inquiry +10, Security +10, Silent Move +10, Deceive, Dodge +10,

Shotgun, 12 shells, club, brass knuckles, knife, Mesh vest (body 4), uniform, 3 doses stimm, injector, flask of amasec

Enforcer Light Carapace (A,B,L 5), fully enclosed Carapace Helm (H4),


Special Item

Needle Rifle d10+2 s/-/-/ Pen 0 Accurate, Toxic, Tearing, 4 round reload,

+Red Dot (common, +10 for Aim) + Extra Grip (common, fire one-handed) + Exterminator Cartridge (common, single hand-flamer shot)

Experience 3900

Inquisitorial Dossier

Malus Kain

Origins and Training; House Kain of Gunmetal City. Youth spent in Marius Hax’s Court. Made a tidy personal profit trading in valuable curios, which he often stole himself. Was ejected from noble society when he accused Verity Belasco of killing and consuming a number of her courtesans. He pursued the investigation personally, all the while dodging her family assassins, then took the matter to his local confessor. The Church performed a rigorous purge of House Belasco, revealing even more vile practices than projected. Malus was subsequently sponsored by the arch-Cardinal Tarsus for a position at the Divisio Immoralis. He is currently employed as a Church sanctioned assassin, removing threats to the interests of the Arch Cardinal and the Assembly of Hive Tarsus. More particularly, he removes corrupt figures from high office, including members of provincial Churches and frontier Governments. Though technically empowered to operate anywhere, he has often faced jurisdictional obstacles when operating openly, and now does so rarely. His unique position – poised between the church, nobility and the underworld in which he makes his friends - makes him an ideal candidate for Mortiurge status.

Personality; Dispassionate, cool-headed and logical – highly efficient and decisive as an operative. Incongruous religious zealotry sometimes expressed as uncharacteristic/unnecessary violence. Poss. Rage disorder? More information needed

Skills; Highly self-sufficient operative, trained in stealth, small arms and sniper weaponry. Capable hand-to-hand combatant. Extensive knowledge of Cults, heretical texts and other sorcerous or occult material that would indicate guilt in his targets.

Weapon of Choice is a modified Vibro-Carbine, a device that hyper-accelerates radioactive splinters along conductive microwave beams. (counts as needle-rifle) It is a small, lightweight device, one-handed, completely silent and emits no muzzle flare. He wears it over his right hand as a kind of gauntlet. It’s only great disadvantage is it’s complex reloading mechanisms.

Other distinguishing features are his full body suit of flexible plascrete armor and enclosing reflective combat mask. Deceptively, these are not chosen for their function, rather they are an affectation; Malus simply prefers the regulated temperature and filtered air his battlesuit provides.

The following is an excerpt from the Magna Trials, Magistrar Korus Marrow presiding. The trials were undertaken to assess the purity and fitness for ongoing deployment of four Primus operatives reporting to Inquisitor Ordinary Wrex Golspire of the Xanthite Faction.

*Rubbish! Golspire’s political inclinations have never been reliably verified! S.M

Subject 3 – re; the Haarlock Connection - Day 3

For the record, will you re-state your full name and profession?

Malus Tiberius Kain, Mortiurge of the Divisio Immoralis.

And how long have you been on Sinophia Magna?

Roughly 6 weeks. It’s permanently overcast here though, and the days are an irregular length; it’s hard to be precise.

Alright. And you were here in your capacity as a Mortiurge?

In a manner of speaking, yes. I have some field experience in disrupting aberrant political movements. I feel that my master’s intention was for me to act more in that capacity.

You feel? So you weren’t issued any specific orders?

(Subject smiles wryly) – in my line of work you rarely get issued with anything. Noone wants a paper-trail leading back to the Church. I’m sure you’re familiar with such behavior, working for the Inquisition.

Well…more generally then; what was your objective in the Capital?

All of the reports I had received at the Divisio are annexed into evidence as Articles 3 through 12 for your honor’s perusal. It was my assessment that these reports strongly inferred an entrenched degeneracy or corruption originating in the City. I submitted a report to this effect at the Office of Cardinals, and the Council issued me with a Carta to pursue the matter.

That seems a somewhat unspecific power for the Council to award…

His Grace the High Cardinal trusts in my judgment – and my discretion. To be honest the authority of the Divisio is not very wide - so I rarely draw upon the Carta.

To be honest? We expect you to fully disclose all particulars in this trial Master Kain -

A throwaway expression counsel. I simply mean that all the relevant authorities were concerned, yet could not discern any single point of deviancy upon which to focus their efforts. It is exactly these kinds of situations into which I am usually summoned.

Very well – let us turn to your role in the final resolution of the Iscariot mission.


In your previous testimony, you described the assault which led to the Marshal Skarman’s death. I refer the Court to the statements made on the first day of trial, Article 2(d) of the annexed evidence. If you would please describe the events that followed.

The thing that stands out the most is certainly the weather. The storm was eminently unnatural, and I had no doubt, warp-inspired. It was -

Master Kain – are you saying you felt the work of the Warp upon you? I should remind you that –

Oh, nothing of the sort counsel – I am merely recalling an observation I made in the –

Are you qualified to make such an assessment? Surely this is the more within the purview of a priest or Psyker.

Indeed – and having dealt with my fair share of both, I feel that I am something of an expert in the identification of such phenomenon.

So you have regular truck with psykers?

The Church is often wary of the moral threat posed by Warp taint – I rather think these trials an indication that the Ordos share that view. I have often been the instrument chosen to excise such threats.

Hmph yes, well – we are familiar with the details from you previous testimony –please describe the events that followed your discovery of the Mirror artifact.

…The traitor was dead, and the Operatives debated the best course for dealing with the object.

You spoke with the creature it contained?

The Daemon, yes. it spoke to each of us.

What did it say?


I remind you that this room is hexagrammically warded. All the members of this Court have been duly purified in preparation for their duties.

Alright. Well, I can’t quote the Beast – I did not listen with sufficient intensity to recall them specifically.

Indeed? You admit that it spoke to you, but claim not to have listened?

“Let not the words of the traitor have ingress upon your thoughts. The deviant will lie more completely than you can conceive; to hear his blasphemy spake is to permit it traction upon your humor. Regard it not at all – deafen thine ears against his wickedness and pursue the execution of thine duty.

Ah yes, the Lex Imperialis – Treatise upon Deviante Philosophe. Well forgive me Master Kain – perhaps the testimony of your peers will refresh your recollections… I have an account here from the logs of one Judas Refaire which describes the encounter; “The beast was insistent. It’s desire was banishment from the Mirror, however counterintuitive that notion may be to my contemporaries among the Maccabian clergy. It described the imminent return of the Traveller – allegorical reference to Haarlock in his guise as the Primordial herald of Darkness – I’m paraphrasing the late Doctor Cyprus here – It desired to escape Haarlock’s return. It feared him.”

I do not dispute his account.

I understand …well I am given to understand - based on the testimony of your peers – that you advocated the doing of the creature’s bidding?

My position was for the banishment of the Daemon and destruction of the artifact.

Yes, well is that not what the creature desired?

Counsel, I am not in the habit of listening to the servants of Chaos in any capacity. I advocated the death of the Mirror-Beast and it’s consummation to flame. That it’s statements would indicate it desired this outcome is either merest coincidence or a futile attempt at manipulation. Or, perhaps not so futile as it continues to remain in this realm at your Master’s direction.

So you maintain that your course was the right one? Serving the monster’s desires?

I give the Daemons statements no weight in my decision. If I had discovered such an artifact in any other circumstance my views would be the same. Indeed, I propose that the Acolytes would themselves have destroyed it, had not the Daemon purported to desire it. After all what surer way would such a creature have to ensure its own survival than to invoke the dogmatic contrariness of servants of the Ordos?

Perhaps you are suggesting that you have some innate understanding of the creature’s motives?
Your contemporaries among the Cell have espoused a belief that by not banishing the Daemon, they have averted some greater mischief. Did you think of this?

I think that if an enemy is charging you with blades drawn, screaming “Kill me, kill me”! that the best course of action is by no means to withdrawn and attempt to take him alive. It was my duty as a servant of the Church to see the Beast banished. All other considerations are ancillary.

Very good Master Kain. No further questions your honor.

The trial was concluded after 11 days. The Magistrar has determined that though there is no taint evident in the operatives, they constitute a potential threat to the ongoing security of the Ordos’ affairs. He has deferred judgment pending your opinion Lord Marr. Golspire is exerting pressure to have his men pardoned. But we can easily arrange for your input to be concealed. What are your instructions?

Unsuitable for further use. Detain for memory wipe and sore as servitor material.

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