Valtar Firenze

Valtar Firenze

Hive World (Volg - Fenksworld), Moritat Reaper, Assassin, Null (modifications to stats and talents need to be applied).

Sanguine, fervent, sharp, quiet.

Tarot: "Violence solves everything"

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
51'' 42'' 40 40' 55''' 26 41'' 33' 05

Wounds: 12/12
Insanity: 22
Corruption: 2
Fortune: 2
Fate: 1
Experience 8600/8955

BASIC- Barter, Carouse, Charm, Command, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Evaluate, Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Logic, Scrutiny, Swim, Tech-Use

TRAINED- Awareness, Climb, Concealment, Intimidate, Search, Shadowing, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Volg Hive Dialect, Acolyte, Moritat).
+10- Acrobatics,
+20- Dodge, Security, Silent Move, Climb

Talents and Traits:
Jaded, Light Sleeper, Melee weapon training (Primitive, Power), Thrown Weapon Training (Prim), Basic Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapon Training (SP), Leap up, Blademaster, Lightning attack, Two Weapon Wielder (Melee), Quick Draw, Lightning reflexes, Sprint, Catfall, Ambidextrous, Rapid Reload, Assassin Strike, Step Aside, Mighty Shot, Wall of Steel, Marksman, Combat Master, Meditation, Rapid Reaction, Insanely Faithful, Hatred (Heretics, Psykers), Hard Target

  • Volg Hiver: No negatives for moving in crowds, agi test to charge or run without penalty.
  • The Bloody Edge: All bladed weapons count as tearing against Humans, -20WP test to use other weapons unless no chance of otherwise harming foe.
  • Hivebound: -10 to Survival Tests outside hives, -5 to all Intelligence Tests outside of habs.
  • Unsettling Presence: -10 to all interactions
  • Psychic Blank: The untouchable ever gain psychic powers or sorcery and cannot be the subject of psynisience or divinations to discern their location or anything else. Abilities like this targetted at the Untouchable simply fail, area of effect abilities simply fail to discern the Untouchable.
  • Psychic Invulnerability: Pyschic powers, possession, corruption from warp shock and sorcery do not effect the untouchable. Daemon weapons and force weapons used by the Untouchable count only as a mundane weapon of that sort and the Untouchable can never activate their special abilities. Daemon weapons and force weapons only count as a normal weapon of that type when attacking the Untouchable.
  • Psychic Disruption: Any Psyker attempting to use a psychic power within the Untouchable's Willpower bonus as a radius of meters, increases the threshold of any power by 10. Willpower tests by Psykers for anything related to casting a power are at -20. Warp entities suffer double damage when rolling for instability in this area.

Carrying Capacity - 56kg
- Morsferrum - The Deathblade of Acolyte Cell Icarius (CQ Power sword: D10+9, pen 6: balanced, power field, 3.5kg)
- Bhaal (BQ Mono Sword: D10+5, pen 2: Balanced 3kg)
- Noctis (GQ Composite Bow: 40m, d10+4, pen 1 (3 with mono arrows) S/-/-/, 1/2 action reload, Primitive, Accurate, Reliable, Red dot sight (+10 to hit) Mono melee attachment (Two handed D10+4, pen 2) 5kg)
- (47 Mono-Arrows)(pen 2 - non primitive)
- Praetis (Mono Landriun Sigilite: D5+4, pen 5, Defensive, .75 kg)
- Alea and Secare (GQ Mono Knives 3m range D5+4, Pen 2, 2x0.5kg)
- 4x CQ Mono Knives 3m range D5+4 pen 2 4x.5kg)
- Stummer (+30 to Move Silently for 20 minutes before 1 hour recharge). 2kg
- Multikey (+30 to Security)
- Photovisors/contacts
- Clip Drop Harness (+30 to climb descending, cannot fall) 2kg
- Grapnel and line 2kg
- Bedroll 4kg
- Weapon maintenance kit 1kg
- Respirator (+30 to toughness to resist gasses, re roll fails) 0.5kg
- Hostile weather clothing 2kg
- Long duration rations 1 kg
- Injector, 3xStimm, Aquila Charm, Cloak, Microbead, Gold Scinitillan Mace, Whistle, Compass, Salvation Auger
- Ridiculous environmental body glove
- Mesh Cowl (3) .5kg
- 12 Thrones

*Special Item*
-GQ Xenomesh- Arms, Body, Legs, 4 (5 on first hit each round) 2kg

Valtar was born amongst the dross and scum of the Volg Hive City on Fenksworld, he lived amongst this for several years of his childhood before he was taken by the Moritat after a major gang war destroyed his home and family. For years he trained under the Moritat. Throughout his Travail hrough the Imperium he uses his honed natural grace and talent with a sword to come to the attention of the Emperor by best excising the corrupt from the Imperium. Every kill, every bloody slash of his blades and sword form is his meditation and gift to the Imperium. Every kill is another sacrifice for the Golden Throne.

Re-accepted back into the Moritat after the events on Autochtheria and Sinophia, Valtar was raised to the Reaper, before being re tasked back to the Acolytes for their redeployment to the Mara Blockade. It was however during discussion among the Moritat cult that Valtar earnt himself an enemy of sorts. Valtar suggested the creation of a Moritat combat style using a bladed-bow as its central weapon, presenting a bow custom made for him by a Cadence weapon smith on Autochtheria. He suggested the potential for it's use in more open style combats he had been embroiled in on Autochtheria and Sinophia, where range could be important yet the bladed-bow could double as a glaive in melee. This caused one particular member of the cult, a newly appointed Reaper, Xerxes Daron, to question Valtar's dedication to the blade-forms. However the suggested bow-forms were regarded favorably by leaders of the Moritat, and thus Xerxes shamed, challenged Valtar to a duel to see who the light of the Emperor shone most brightly upon, hoping to kill Valtar and thereby prove his heresy. Valtar won the duel, decapitating Xerxes, with the power sword he acquired in service of the Inquistion, in the final moments of the vicious and lightning paced duel.

With Valtar's suggestion rightly confirmed as being within the grace of the Golden Throne, and pleased with the craftsmanship of the bow wielded by Valtar, several members of the Moritat have engaged the same Cadence weapon smith, the shadowy Tal Gorgon on Autochtheria to produce similar bladed bows. It seems Valtar has found a potential ally in this man, grateful for the influx of the Moritat's business. Valtar however worries about whether his victory of Xerxes was truly his, or if it he won it purely due to powerful weapon he wielded, a blade, but not a pure blade of the Moritat. Furthermore Valtar's slaying of Xerxes has resulted in forever gaining the enmity of the Reaper, Kriss Talar, a former lover of Xerxes.

Valtar leaving the Moritat for redeployment Acolyte cell thinks only of bringing his devotion to the Emperor to new heights, the sending of more souls to the Emperor, for the Glory of the Golden Throne and to prove himself as the greatest of the Emperor's blade-wielders in the Calixis Sector.

5’11’’ -65kg
Wiry and slim. Short black hair cropped into a warriors knot. Grey eyes.

++Astropathica Choir [The Ark]++
++TIME/STAMP: 5301828.M41++
++Sender: Dante Cyprus++
++Reciever: Lord Inquisitor Wrex Golspire++
My Lord Inquisitor. It appears that you forgot to mention certain important points of our mission to [REDACTED] in our briefing dossiers. Whilst you may count that I went to the trouble to fully research [REDACTED] as best as is possible regarding the levels of encryption and non-information regarding the events surrounding Haarlock's visit, I cannot say this was case (or even within the faculties) for the rest of my cell. I hope these sketches may update you as to the current armament of Firenze, so next time you may perhaps remember that one of cell eschews the use of conventional weaponry in favour of more esoteric weaponry. Forgive my illustrations for taking the place of picts, it is hard to capture picts of Firenze, and the ones I have taken tend to blur and distort when he spars. It is also most inconvenient that he appears to take all his equipment with him nearly everywhere, (Dragos is palpably itching, as much as one of his designation can, to to see if the [REDACTED] put anything interesting in that bow) that and the Firenze seems to sleep as little and take as odd hours as myself. Regardless I hope my illustrations may inspire you to send a priest to bless our weaponry next time you deign to send us any where near anything of a proportionate threat as the [REDACTED]. One dead Moritat, because the only blessed weapons we have are Scintillan Pattern Stub Revolvers is likely to lead the rest of us to our deaths, forgotten in the ice of [REDACTED] or worse incubators for larval [REDACTED] and ergo-sum of no utility to our most Holy Ordos or the Sector.
++Your Loyal Servant++
++Dr. Dante Cyprus++
++Apendix A: A sketch of the Reaper whilst sparring++
You may note the xenos design of his armour. It appears to have been constructed to mimic the armour commonly worn by Eldar Raiders and while lacking the protective value of an actual Xenos construction, it affords Firenze good protection and more maneuverability than standard issue Flak or Carapace.

++Apendix B: The Reaper's arms and profile++
Figure 1: The power-sword the cell obtained on Sinophia. It's blade has been scrimshawed with the names Malus Kain, Ishmael Venris, Gideon Constantine and most recently Judas Refaire. Firenze refers to it as Morsferrum. Dragos tells me he had to remove my name from it's blade. It seems he and the Reaper are immortalising the brave deaths of our fellow acolytes on this blade.
Figure 2: Baal, an exquisitely crafted mono-edged sword. Of Fenksworld origin?
Figure 3: An Autochtherian and [REDACTED] manufactured composite bow-glaive. It is fitted with a laser targeting system and range finder as well as mono-edged blades on the edges. Accordingly weapon caused much controversy at the Death Cult. Firenze has had mono-arrows crafted specifically for this weapon.
Figure 4: A 'Sigilite' a parrying blade of Landrian origins, this particular example has a mono-edge.
Figure 5: Two well crafted mono-knives. Autochtherian origin.
Figure 6: A profile sketch of Firenze. In the right he wears his Moritat Reaper Cult-Masque. My research indicates that member's of the Fenksworld Reapers receive such a mask on being accepted back into the cult after the culmination of their Travail. It appears to be layered with a mesh to provide protection, though the outer layer appears to be the skull of a xenos specimen. Perhaps a Fenskworld denizen?


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