Saxon Hunter

Saxon Hunter - Cadet of Class, Schola Progenium

Charming, Focused, Indomitable, Naive

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
31 38 30 30' 35 31 31 32 40


Wounds: 11 Fortune: II Insanity: Corruption:

Exp: 400/400

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Schola Progenium, Arbitrator, Callixian Pattern Killings (+5 to Perception, Talented Inquiry)

Divination: A wise man learns from the death of others (+3 Int)

Build: 6'3", 70kg, Lithe Build, Narrow Face, Cropped Aurburn Hair, Green Eyes, clad in Combat Boots, Dark Trousers, Dark Trench Coat and a Peaked Cap

Traits: Schola Education - Common Lore (Admin, Ecclesiarchy, Imp Creed, Imperium, War), Scholastic Lore (Philosophy) are all Basic Skills
Skill At Arms - Begin play with BWT (Las), MWT (Prim), PWT (SP)
Sheltered Upbringing - -10 on all Charm, Command, Deceive and Scrutiny Tests when dealing with the worst examples of humanity
Tempered Will - Very Hard WP Tests (-30) are replaced by a -20

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic), Literacy, Common Lore (Arbites, Imperium) Inquiry, Scrutiny (100)

Talents: BWT (Las, SP), MWT (Prim), PWT (SP), Quick Draw

Gear: Shotgun, Brass Knuckles, Knife, Mesh Vest, Uniform (GQ Clothing), 3 Doses of Stimm, Injector, Arbite ID, Chrono, Flask of Amasec

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