Tiberius Thetius

Tiberius Thetius - Temple Grammaticus, Scholastica Psykana

Impudent, Inquisitive, Spontaneous, Wry

Hive World - Gunmetal City, Imperial Psyker

Divination: Die if you must, but not with your spirit broken

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
28 46 25 25 35 45 43 50 31


Appearance: Fair features, close cut hair, ritualistic tattoos everywhere except face.

Wounds: 12
Insanity: 4
Corruption: 3
Fortune: 7

Ambidextrous, Two Weapons (Ballistic), Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Sprint, Hip Shooting, Deadeye Shot, Technical Knock, Discipline Focus (Biomancy), Psy Rating 4,

Dodge, Forbidden Lore Warp, Psykers, Scholastic Lore Archaic, Legend, Invocation, Literacy, Psyniscience +10, Scrutiny, Tech-Use(Basic), Trade (Armourer),

Call Item, Chameleon, Distort Vision, Precognition, Space Slip, Unnatural Aim, Weapon Jinx

Regenerate, Seal Wounds, Psychometry, Dowsing,

Plasma Pistol
Frag Grenades
Fire Bomb
Krak Grenade
Micro Bead
Data Slate
Psy Focus

Special Item

Dual BQ Stub Pistols - Arondight and Galatine
30m s/3/- d10 +3 Pen 0 Tearing

Originally a member of the Temple Grammaticus, Tiberius Thetius has been under the employ of Wrex Golspire for a number of years leading up to these events.

Rumour has it that the senior member of the temple were more than happy to see him sent on extended assignment, with reported disciplinary issues ranging from minor disciplinary problems to suspected disobedience to the imperial creed. Tiberius allegedly began to exhibit a an interest in the esoteric and the forbidden, a deviation from the Temple's usual martial focus and their rigid adherence Imperial strictures.

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