Secutor Dragos

Mechanicus Secutor Magnus Dragos

Forge world, Tech-Heretic, Techpriest, Secutor.

Arrogant, ruthless, logical, inquisitive.

Tarot: "There are no civilians on the battlefield for survival"

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
30' 51'' 40 70'''' 26 50'' 37' 32'' 19


Experience: 8950/8980
Wounds: 15/15
Insanity: 40 (Unsettled)
Corruption: 21 (Touched)
Fortune: 3
Fate: 2
Mechanisation: 36 (Mechanised)

BASIC- Barter, Carouse, Charm, Climb, Command, Concealment, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Evaluate, Gamble, Inquiry, Scrutiny, Silent Move, Speak Language (High Gothic)

TRAINED- Ciphers (Malygris Codex), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Trade (Scrimshaw, Armorer, Technomat), Literacy, Secret Tongue (Tech, Acolyte), Common Lore (Tech, Machine Cult, War), Logic, Medicae, Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Awareness, Search, Chem-Use, Scholastic Lore (Legend, Numerology), Intimidate, Resistance (Fear).

+10- Forbidden Lore (Warp, Archeotech)
+20- Tech-use, Demolitions

Talents and Traits:
Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Chain), Basic Weapon Training (SP, Launcher), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Electo Graft Use, Technical Knock, Arms Master, Heightened Senses (Sight), Concealed Cavity, Disturbing Voice, Ferric Lure, Feedback Screech, Luminen Charge, Binary Chatter, Quick Draw, Iron Jaw, Mechadendrite Use (Gun), Electrical Succour, Autosanguine.

Energy Cache
Machinator Array*
Machine (1)
Sound Constitution (VI)
-10 to tests for Imperial Lore.
-5 Dealings with Ecclesiarchy in formal settings
Malignancies: Warp Touched, Marked by the Fates
Insanity: Tech Markings


-Grenade Launcher (1 clip [1 blessed ammunition])
-Laspistol w/ overcharge pack (3 clips)
-Combat Shotgun (57 Shells)
-2x Frag Grenade, 3x Hallucinatory, 5x Fire Bombs.
-Death Light Lasgun w/ overcharge pack (3 clips)
-Heavy Webber
XAD-3836 "Cascade Emitter"

  • 30m, S/-/-, 2d10+5, Pen: 6, Clip: 3, Rld: 2Full, (cascade emitter can unleash a full magazine in a single burst, dealing 3d10+10 Pen: 6, Overheats, Unreliable, Scatter). 2 extra spheres

Syndicate Modified Shard Weapon "Twilight Rifle"

  • 100m, S/-/-, 1d10+3, Pen: 2, Clip: 10, Rld: Full, Accurate, Toxic. (3 full clips)

-Storm Trooper Carapace: Body, Arms, Legs (6)
-Enforcer Light Carapace w/ photovisor (5)
-Glow Lamp, Robes (GQ), 5 Spare Machine Parts, Sacred Machine Oil, 1 Throne, 'Omnissah Axe Token'
-Environmental Suit

Carrying Capacity: 70.2/90- 78%

Special Item
-Ballistic Mechadendrite:
Lucius Pattern Hellpistol w/ overcharge pack (3 clips)



To be singled out amongst the untold billions who toil in their allotted roles across the surfaces of the Lathe Worlds is profound honour. Yet it is often the case that those most highly honoured, care the least for the laurels. Mechanicus Secutor Dragos has no time for the ritual and dogmatism of his planet-bound peers – his particular talents have led him deep into the holdings of ruined xenos empires, and engendered an accordingly liberal view of technology. His particular skill is the reconfiguration of xeno technology for combat purposes.

As Tribune to a Dissasembly Team, Dragos was often tasked with the recovery of dangerous artefacts from active warzones. These duties have led him on many occasion into the path of the Radical Inquisitorial Faction of Xenos Hybris, with whom he developed a strong working relationship. Of particular note was the mission to liquidate the STC excavation efforts of the Lathe-Lord’s main rivals the Divine Light of Solex– and the Q’orl raiders intent on stealing it. In this endeavour they were assisted by Wrex Golspire and a team of Xeno-Arcanists, who provided useful strategic detail in exchange for the castaway alien relics. Dragos was forwarded into Golspire's service, as it became clear that the ongoing arrangement could benefit both parties. Dragos specialises in the “identification and aggressive acquisition” of dangerous xenos relics for quarantine; that these relics most often end up in the hands of his master’s Kill-Squads is of little concern to Dragos. On the contrary, he relishes hunting for the next addition to his ever-growing personal arsenal.

His most recent deployments have been part of the "AV series Kill-Cells" -a project masterminded by the Xanthites and sponsored by the Xenos Hybris. It is Xanthite doctrine embodied; the worst monsters and most talented murderers in the system, unleashed upon the enemies of the Imperium. The operatives in these cases are given free reign to choose their equipment and methodology; though the cost in collateral is often prohibitive, in the right circumstances such missions, or "hunts" have returned undeniable results. On Tranch, entire Cults are eradicated in days. On Avitohol, sections of the underhive are scoured of life. On 47 Capella, insurrectionists are butchered to the last malcontent - in these missions, Dragos finds his calling.

Even in a career as long as Dragos’ there are points that are of special importance. At the mere age of 94 Terran years Dragos faced and survived an encounter with the dreaded Secutor Krell. although his internal power core was ripped from his chest by the mechanical fist of the tower war-priest after being accused of blasphemous heresies against the machine god. He lived through the ordeal however, creating a burning hatred for him in Krell who has never failed a mission. Furious at his defeat, he eventually replaced his internal workings with a generator he ‘reclaimed’ from a group of Xeno-tech heretics on forge world designation 9A30291P, a fact that he keeps from all but his most trusted allies. It was also on this mission that he met a young assassin by the name of Valtar Firenze with whom he would later commit what would be known as the Silvan massacres. Tasked by a secretive Rogue Trader, an ally of Wrex Goldspire, to retrieve an item of importance from the noble house Silve on the Hive world Romanis, Firenze and Dragos took the item without firing a single shot or even drawing blood. In the event the two refer to as “the great heist” they flooded the entire noble manor with hallucinatory gas for hours on end. Those within lost their minds, killing themselves and others or simply dropping dead, while Firenze walked calmly between them to retrieve the desired item. One noble house servant, hands bloodied from trying to dig his way into the plastesteel ground for hours on end, was the only survivor. The mission a complete success (with acceptable collateral damage), Dragos earned the respect and trust of the Rogue Trader, having now completed his collection of fine Eldar jewellery for his wife.

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