Klightus Mallear

Klightus Mallear - Secutor Calixis

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
48'' 31' 40 40' 31 37' 30 36' 25


Wounds: 18'''' Fortune: II Insanity: 8 Corruption: 4

Exp: 3250/3250

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Forge World, Tech-Priest, Malygrisian Tech Heresy, Secutor

Divination: Dying with your duty not done (+2 Wounds)

Build: hulking, broad chested, swathed in crimson robes, dark-steel visor

Traits: Common Lore (Tech, Machine Cult) are Basic, Fit for Purpose -Tech-Priest gain +3 WP, Stranger to the Cult - Penalty of -10 on all tests on the Imperial Creed and -5 to interact with Eccliesiarchy in formal settings, Credo Omnissiah - Gain Technical Knock, Mechanicus Implants

Skills: Ciphers: Malygris Codex, Common Lore: Tech (100), Machine Cult (100), Forbidden Lore: Warp, Xenos, Scholastic Lore: Legend, Numerology, Speak Language: Low Gothic, Tech Use +10 (100), Literacy, Secret Tongue: Tech, Acolytes, Trade: Copyist, Logic (100), Demolitions (100), Awareness (200)

Talents: MWT: Prim, BWT: Las, PWT: Las, Exotic Weapon Training: Breacher, Electro Graft Use, Chem Geld (100), Iron Jaw (100), Nerves of Steel (100), Swift Attack (100), Blade Master (100), Luminen Charge (100), Ambidextrous (100), Light Sleeper (100), Quick Draw (100)

Gear: Metal Staff, Las Pistol, Las Carbine, Knife, Flak Vest, Glow Lamp, Data-Slate, Mechanicus Robes and vestments (GC Clothing), 6 Spare Parts, vial of Sacred Machine Oil

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