Zane Bautista

Zane Bautista - Soldier of the Brotherhood of Thollos sec. Volg Hive, Fenksworld

Brutish, Callous, Foul, Immoral

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
41 40' 40 40 31 25 30 28 16


Wounds: 13' Fortune: II Insanity:3 Corruption:

Exp: 400/400

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Volg Hive, Brotherhood of Thollos (200), Scum

Divination: Violence Solves Everything (+3 WS)

Build: 6'2", 84kg, Built, Hair styled in a Mohawk, Skull Face Paint, clad in Black Gang Leathers with chains and studs.

Traits: Accustomed to Crowds - Crowds do not count as difficult terrain. When Running or Charging, hivers take no penalty to the Agi test.
Caves of Steel - Tech Use is a Basic Skill
Hivebound - -10 to Survial Tests and -5 to all Int tests outside a proper Hive
Volg Hiver - Begin play with Intimidate and Volg Hive Dialect
Born Survivor - Begin play with Jaded, Light Sleeper, MWP (Prim)
Grim - Swap Fel and Toughness (15+2d10 and 25+2d10), Gain 1D10 insanity.
Brotherhood of Thollos - Increase WS and T by +3. Decrease Fel by -5. Begin play with Street Fighting and Peer (Underworld)

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic), Blather, Dodge, Deceive, Common Lore (Imperium), Tech Use (B), Intimidate, Volg Hive Dialect,

Talents: MWP (Prim), PWT (SP), BWT (SP), Ambidextrous, Jaded, Light Sleeper, Street Fighting, Peer (Underworld)

Gear: Autogun, Autopistol, Brass Knuckles, Knife, Quilted Vest, (Poor Quality Clothing)

Special Item: It doesn't exist as far as I can see, but basically it'd be cool if he could have a surgically implanted gland that secreted ghostfire pollen extract. He could spend a half action and a T test to load the drug into his system. Failure gives 1 level of fatigue. He can use the gland once every (X) hours.

Character Concept: Brutal stand-over man for the Brotherhood, acting within the Volg Hive territories.

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