Zoriel Anderton

Zoriel Anderton - Temple Sotiris of the Scholastica Psykana

Mind Cleansed, Living Nightmare, Templar Calix

Focused, Introspective, Honourable, Reliable

WS BS S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel
32 26 (5)40 30 38 28 31 45 20


Wounds: 15 Fortune: III Insanity: 5 Corruption:

Exp: 400/6300

Origin and Alternate Ranks: Mind Cleansed, Living Nightmare (300xp), Imperial Psyker, Templar Calix Alt Rank 4

Divination: The only true fear is of dying with your duty not done (Gain 2 Wounds)

Build: 5'9", 72kg, Light Olive Skin, Bald, Piercing Pale Blue Eyes, Often seen wearing his modified Calix Mask and Vambraces

Traits: Engram Implantation (Begin with Deceive, Intimidate and Survival as basic skills. Begin with Jaded and PWT Las/SP), Failsafe Control, Imperial Conditioning (+10 WP to resist Fear or attempts to control or possess your mind), Through a Mirror Darkly (Begin play with 1D5+2 Insanity and Shards of Memory - Repairer of Reputations), Sanctioning Side Effect - Irradience (You have seen the power of the golden throne, you have no hair anywhere on your body), Living Nightmare (increase WP by +5, gain Resistance Psychic Powers, begin with 1D5 Insanity), Unreadable Mind (immune to the power Mind Scan)

Talents: Resist Psychic Powers, MWT (Prim), PWT (Las, SP), Psy Rating 1, Minor (Spasm), Minor (Distort Vision)

Skills: Awareness (B), Barter (B), Carouse (B), Charm (B), Concealment (B), Contortionist (B), Deceive (B), Disguise (B), Dodge (B), Evaluate (B), Inquiry (B), Intimidate (B), Logic (B), Scale (B), Scrutiny (B), Search (B), Silent Move (B), Swim (B), Survival (B), Speak Low Gothic (T), Psyniscience (T), Invocation (T), Trade (Merchant)(T), Literacy (T),

Equipment: Staff, Compact Las Pistol, Psykana Mercy Blade, Quilted Vest, Tatty Robe, Dice, Psy-Focus (beaded necklace), Sanctioning Brand (lower jaw is tattoo'd in a Maori Moko-style branding)

Thrones: 264 (Starting 54 + 3 x 70 Monthly)

Weapons: Himself.

Special Item: Muscle Grafting. All inductees into the Temple Sotiris undergo muscle grafting and metabolism re-mapping. This allows them to push their extra-ordinary talents to even greater heights of physical prowess. Grants +1 SB

Concept: A Ip Man meets Syrio Forel martial artist. Using his innate ability of Biomancy to manipulate his flesh into the perfect weapon, Zoriel and the other students of the Temple Sotiris forgo the use of swords, axes, firearms and other devices, in favour of their own limbs. Do not be fooled, even without their incredible psychic ability, the students of the Temple Sotiris are well-versed in all manner of weapons and firearms, should the need arise. Extensive martial training results in Zoriel being fiercely honourable and focused.

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