Dramatis Personae

Inquisitor Raphael Vulpus:

  • Influence 81
  • Born and raised in Progenium School on Shrine World Sentinel
  • Achieved rank of Deacon in the Maccabeus Quintine Sword Brethren Order.
  • Noted for his instrumentality in the exposure and persecution of House Koba during Malfi's 'Bloody Solstice' Event.
  • Raised to the Rosette in M41.890 at the behest of his former mentor, Lord Ordos Hereticus Calixis Cyprus himself.
  • Currently concerned with the possible degeneracy of Banking House Krin.

Contacts and Allies:

Lord Governor Taijing

  • Colonel of Fervious military. Grizzled combat veteran, beloved by his men.
  • Installed Lord Governor at the cell's machinations in M41.907 after the dissidence of House Taijing was uncovered and cleansed.
  • Commander in Chief of Fervious Longblades Imperial Guard regiment.

Celestian Scythier

  • Sister of the Fervious Soritas convent. Founder of the Sword Wives, proto-Sororitas group of warrior monks. Fervent and strict.
  • Leader of the Fervious exiles during the Fervious incident. Fought alongside Acolyte cell "Osiris" in the cleansing of Fervious.
  • Took a leave of absence following those events; current location unknown

'The Stranger':

  • Bald, spidery black-robed man. Spinal and cranial implants. More extensively augmented than he appears.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus Frumentarii special assignment agent. Extensive investigative and covert skill set.
  • First met on Kreutz I in M41.905 during Archoform incident. Assisted Acolyte Kovenicus in the formation of a specialist investigation unit after the event.

Associate Magos-Counsel Bartholemaeus V-44

  • White hair swept back in wings, appears aquiline/careworn late 30's with evidence of rejuvenat + extremely high quality, crimson robes, elegant augmentics.
  • Ambitious. Does not baulk at the use of newfangled technologies or low tactics to maintain his exemplary win-loss ratio.
  • Halted the blasphemous research into nightmare engines on Perseus by launching a lawsuit (and with the clandestine aid of Romulus).

'Doc' Enoch

  • Ex-Tigress Imperial Guard medicae captured by the Skyblooded on Kruetz until his rescue by Acolyte Cell "Gnosis".
  • Was vetted by Inquisition and served with Cell "Osiris" on Fervious in M41.907. After becoming separated from the cell he went to ground until tracked down by Dalton Greaves after the conclusion of the Fervious incident.
  • Enlisted as a medicae with the newly formed Fervious Longblades Imperial Guard regiment.

Enemies and Antagonists:

Graff Priori:

  • Renowned heretic, believed to be behind Archoform cult on Kreutz in M41.905 and events on Fervious in M41.907. Currently suspected to be in the Drusus Marches.
  • Believed to be a member of the "Cult of Misrule".
  • Disguise artist, original identity and appearance unknown.
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