Cell Bashere Irregulars

Oolon Daeker (Missing presumed dead)
Sanctionite, Astra Telepathica

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
25 25 30 25 35 40 50 50 25

- Void Born - no difficult terraint in zero gravity, no gravity sickness.
- Sanctioned

Insanity: 9 (Paranoia)
Skills: Evade, Observe, Psyniscience (+20), Speak Language (Kapellan Void Cant), Specialist (Astra Telepathica), Peer (Astra Telepathica), Pilot, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Tech-Use,
Talents: Paranoia, Psy Rating (*), Light Sleeper, Rapid Reaction, Warp Sense, Warp Lock
Psychic Powers Telepathic Link
**Equipment: Worn robes, Light Hive Leathers, misc currency, PQ dataslate, walking cane.

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