John Ness

Ex-Doctor, Scientist


Str Dex Con Int Per WP
2* 2* 2 4 5 2*
LP EP Speed Essence
26 23 8MPH 17

EXP: 0/3

Qualities and Drawbacks:

Qualities: 6*
Fast reaction time[2]- Go first (within reason), +1 WP to test fear
Situational Awareness[2]- +2 bonus to any Perception-based rolls to sense trouble or danger in the immediate surroundings. It is very hard to sneak up on them; the same bonus applies to resist any Stealth Tasks to approach them.
Photographic Memory[2]-

Drawbacks: -7*
Overcoming an Emotional problem[1]-
Recurring Nightmares[1]- A roll of 1 on a D10 means the character experiences a nightmare that night. On any night when the character is afflicted by the nightmare, he loses D4 Endurance Points as the result of his inability to go back to sleep.
Cowardly[1]- avoids taking unnecessary risks, but fights when cornered (or when he thinks he has the upper hand).
Obsession[2]- Cleanliness.

First Aid (5)
Guns [Handgun] (3)
Hand Weapons [Knife] (3)
Medicine (3) [6]
Notice (5)
Science [Biology] (4)
Science [Chemistry] (4)

Specimen Jars and Collection Tools ($100) [w/ zombie flesh specimen], First Aid Kit ($100) [2 use remaining], Sleeping Bag ($50), Rope, Gas Mask ($200), 'Autopsy Knife' (Huge Knife) D6 x Strength ($50), Relic .22 Pistol; D4 x 2; Clip 5; 12 bullets.

-Emergency doctor
-Eventually became paranoid about catching something off patients
-Moved to medical research


After the incident at the petrol station outside of Seattle the party drove off towards their goal, Hank lighting a cigarette as they did so. Unfortunately (due to the zombie goo on his face) Riley was quickly set ablaze, which in turn caused Hank to crash the car. Lauchlin was thrown from his seat and turned to mincemeat on the pavement while the rest of the group had only superficial injuries. John then turned and executed Emily, who had earlier flicked a piece of zombie goo at him. Riley was shocked by these events and proceeded to blow a hole in Johns chest, ending his bizarre life.

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