Albrecht Bellum

Age: 36
Appearance: 5'8". 120lbs. Black hair, grey eyes, weak chin, greasy hair.
Doom: Cold hands will drag thee down

Decisive, Selfless, ?, ?

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
49 28 41 35 28 46 32 45 38

Academic Knowledge (History, Theology, Strategy/Tactics), Barter, Block, Charm, Command, Common Knowledge (The Empire), Dodge, Gossip, Heal, Literacy, Parry, Ride, Secret Tongue (Battle Tongue), Speak Language (Reikspiel, Classical, Tilean), Surgery.

Public Speaking, Sturdy, Strike to Injure, Swift Attack, Double Team, Jaded (Mundane), Meditation, Strong Minded

Full Leather, Sleeved Scale Coat, PQ Mail Coif.
H: 5
B: 7
A: 7
L: 7
Short Spear (D10; Piercing; Versatile, Fast)
Arming Sword (D8/D6; Cutting/Piercing)
Long Dagger (D4; Piercing)
Shield (+10 Block)
Currency: Silvers and Coppers
2 pound bag of barley flour, Saddle and Harness, "Adventuring Gear"

  • Born and raised in Altdorf as the son of a state army Captain as a worshipper of Myrmidia.
  • Served as a Cavalier as a younger man, taking him abroad.
  • Along with other Myrmidians took the Sun as a sigil.
  • Campaigned for many years before he was injured and made a home in Tilea, eventually studying the teachings of Myrmidia formally and achieving his priesthood.
  • Returned to the Empire as the captain of Maximo de'Lorenzo's Estalian army.
  • Endeavours to campaign once more in the name of his Goddess.


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