Maximo de'Lorenzo

Age: 27
Appearance: 5'9". 150lbs. Dark brown hair, light brown eyes, branded, dark skin.

Doom: Thy end will be wrought by the sword of the virtuous.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
50 31 43 39 45 29 28 32 45

Acrobatics, Barter, Blather, Block, Carouse, Charm, Common Knowledge (The Border Princes), Deceive, Dodge, Gamble, Inquiry, Literacy, Parry, Ride, Speak Language (Reikspiel, Estalian)

Luck, Etiquette, Swift Attack, Ambidextrous, Combat Master, Counter Attack, Disarm, Duel Strike, Two Weapon Wielder.

Armour: GQ Full Leather, GQ Chain [HABL: 6]
Weapons: GQ Warhammer [D8/D6, Bludgeon/Piercing, -/2, Proven (2)], GQ Falchion [D6, Slashing, Fast, Offhand, Proven (2)], GQ Dagger [D4, Piercing, Offhand, Proven (2)] (Long), Light Lance [D8, Piercing, Shatters]
Wolf Hide Hooded Mantle, Noble's Garb, Riding Horse with Saddle and Harness, Jewellery
Currency: Silvers and Pennies



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