Jrpg Ithrael

Ithrael Valar

Archetype: Academic
Perk: Exalted
Class: Invoker

Equinanimous, Logical, Curious, Conciliatory
Deva - bald, pointed ears, purple skin, white eyes, 6'2, 85 Kilos,
Magic, Race, Stats, Talents, Fortune,

WS BS S T Ag Per Int Wp FL
48'' 24 40' 45' 32 27 35 40 39


Wounds: 15
Fate: 1
Fortune: 2

XP: 1300/1610

SKILLS: Charm, Inquiry, Read/Write, Heal, Academic Knowledge; Theology, Mental Rage,

TALENTS: Sprint, Magic (A) (Lore of Ulric the Snow-King), Magic Talent (1)(400) Magic Talent (2)(Lore of Ulric Bloody Handed)(400)

Perk Spells; Heal Wounds, Terrorizing Blow, Quick Strike, Aethyric Armor.

TRAPPINGS: Full Leather Armor, BQ Longsword, 37 Gold, Robes, Adventurer's Gear,
- Rusty Dagger, sharktooth necklace, unknown creature-fang, silver ring,


  • Do not allow passion to affect the dispensation of justice.
  • Act with honor and fairness befitting your patron.
  • Preserve and tend to elven places of worship and holy artifacts.
  • Oppose darkness and tyranny – the agents of such forces deserve only death.
  • Destroy evil dragons, revere pure ones.
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