Jrpg Korus


Forceful, Direct, Honorable, Stern,

6"ft, long white hair, topknot, pointed ears, greyish skin,
1) Talents 2) Stats 3) Race, 4) Fortune 5) Magic
Concept; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxadxFjx_2Q

Archetype: Fighter
Perk: Swordmaster
Class: Kensei

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
50 26 50 50 45 40 27 30 30

Wounds: 12/12
Fortune: 2
Fate: 2
Exp: 2325/2365

Survival (+10, Talented [Forests]), Climb, Acrobatics,
Inquiry (+20), Intimidate,

Savvy, Suave, Warrior Born, Very Strong, Very Resilient,

Berserk Charge, Furious Assault, Frenzy, Strike Mighty Blow, True Grit, Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Weapon Proficiency (2 Hand), Assassin Strike, Bulging Biceps, Battle Rage,

Greatsword, Leather Armour, Hakama (CQ Clothing), Traveling cloak,

Adventuring gear; (waterskin, wooden cup, kettle, cutlery, tinderbox, blanket, rope, torch)
Healing Draught, dagger, box of GQ cigars, 3 Flasks of Holy Water, 6 wooden stakes,
2 GC/4 GC creditor, 18 Silvers, 11 Brass pennies,


The sinking of Ulthuan scattered members of the High Elf race across the entirety of the know world. This event has defined the half-elf species more than any other, leading to a rapid increase in their population. Most half-elves had lived within human society – as their numbers grew, the xenophobia of the locals began to spill over into violence and exclusion. Small nomadic families began to form around the stronger members of the race; warrior-cultures drawing influence from other robust survivors - such as Orkish, Norscan and Slayer tradition - soon spread to the wildest areas of wilderness in the Empire.

Inevitably, conflict with the militant wood elves and intolerant humans would drive these clans to ever more warlike behaviour; half-elf raiders are now widely known and feared by both races. Korus is one of the last surviving members of a murdered clan, scattered to the winds by an Undead attack. The premier swordsman of his clan, his duty was to die in defence of his family. In failing to do so, he has become kensai, a vengeful sword-saint wandering the earth to eradicate evil. Though kensai do not usually live long, Korus has wandered for years, fighting in mercenary and scout companies in Kislev, the Wasteland and Norsca. Feeling frustrated and directionless, he now heads south, hoping to find some great cause to which he can dedicate his sword.

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