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Campaign Rulings


Re-rolls via the use of FP will not be available in my campaign.

Campaign Notes

Grand Endeavour: Establish a Trade from Archeotech System [Temas]

Goal Steps involved Progress
Establish a stable Warp Route Travel from Cobalt to Temas Complete
Map the Route Mapping + maps purchased [6/25 DoS] Begun
Locate Dig Sites Scanned, explored, secured Mariana City and Shattersea colony site Complete
Deal with any threats discovered Destroy Drone Men on Mariana, Shattersea Complete
Seek out appropriate buyers and financiers
Establish relationship & secure deal
Defeat/neutralise any claimants to the system Engineer threat In Progress
Exploit resources

Interim Characters

Name Mister Argyle
Ship Role/Fluff Bodyguard and man servant to Torius.
Character Path Battlefleet, Stubjack, Crusade [Call to War], Calamity, Devotion [Loyalty], Void-Master
Statistics WS: 35 BS: 48 S: 30 T: 40 Agi: 45 Int: 33 Per: 36 WP: 36 Fel: 35
Other Statistics Wounds: 11 Insanity: 9
Starting Skills Common Lore (War, Navy+10), Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Xenos), IntimidateBasic, Navigate (Stellar), Operate (Flyers, Spacecraft+10), Speak Language (Low Gothic, Battlefleet Cant), Trade (Voidfarer), Scholastic Lore (Astromancy)
Talents and Traits Quickdraw, Peer (Military), Hatred (Eldar), Nerves of Steel, Hardy, Light Sleeper, WT (Universal [Pistol, Melee]) [Officer on Deck]: +5 command on ships [Ship-bound]: -2 initiative outside [Loyalty]: +5 fel and WP on Lazarus [Master of Gunnery]: Re-roll one shipboard shooting attack per turn
Items Officers Power Sabre, Hellgun, Guard Flak Armour, Micro-bead, Re-breather, Pict recorder, vox-caster, void suit, Eldar Raider wrist blade (charm), Uniform, 2x bottles of amasec.
Exp 350/400 Call to War [150], Loyalty [100], Dodge [100]
Background Long time servant of the Redwyn Dynasty. Served as a boarding action crewman in his younger years. Was a part of a failed push into Corsair Eldar territory, one of only a handful of survivors. Rescued by Augustine on the Lazarus and during his recovery, assigned to protect and watch over Torius. Left at the Redwyn holdings on Footfall when Torius joined the Battlefleet in search of the Lazarus after the Fall, collected again prior to setting out for Temas. Currently serving aboard the Lazarus and overseeing repairs along with Leinholm in the absence of the Council.
Name Marcella Cymbry
Ship Role/Fluff First Officer – former Augury
Character Path Voidborn, Born to Lead, New Horizons, Hand of War, Fortune, Seneschal
Stats WS: 30 BS: 37 S: 30 T: 30 Agi: 43 Int: 40 Per: 36 WP: 36 Fel: 48
Other Statistics Fortune: 5 Wounds: 7 Insanity: 0
Starting Skills Speak: Ship Dialect, High Gothic, Trader’s Cant, Barter, Commerce, Command, Deceive, Evaluate, Inquiry, Navigation (Stellar), Pilot (Spacecraft), Literacy +10, Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis), Forbidden Lore (Underworld, Archeotech, Xenos),
Talents and Traits Weapon Training Basic, Pistols, Any, Void Accustomed (Low-Grav ≠ difficult, Immunity to space-sickness), Seeker of Lore (Spend FP to succeed on Lore Test), Charmed (“9” does not consume FP), Ill-Starred (-5 FL with non Voidborn), Hatred (Orks),
Items CQ Inferno Pistol, CQ Boltgun, Mesh Armour, Autoquill, Chrono, Chameleoline Cloak, Dataslate, Multikey, Synskin, Robe
Exp 500 Born to Rule (200), New Horizons (200) Dodge (100)
Backstory Talented daughter of maintenance lineage aboard the Lazarus. Initially a scout-pilot, earned a position on the Augury after acting for years as a crew representative. Acted in the Tetrarch Pact talks as a Redwynn negotiator, gained a seat in the newly configured Large Council as advisor to the new High Factorum Tavius. Promoted to First Officer of the Lazarus following exemplary service (and numerous command casualties) during the Ork War of Damaris.
Name Halion
Ship Role/Fluff Telepathic Enforcer
Character Path Voidborn, Duty, Hard Times, Astropath
Stats WS: 30 BS:31S: 30 T: 33 Agi: 40 Int: 40 Per: 43 WP: 50 Fel: 33
Secondary Stats Wounds: 9 Fortune: 5
Skills Awareness, Common Lore (Adepts Astra Telepathica), Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Invocation, Logic, Navigate (Stellar) Basic, Pilot (Spacecraft) Basic, Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Cryptology), Speak Language (Ship Dialect, High Gothic, Low Gothic)
Talents and Traits Heightened Senses (Hearing), Resistance (Psychic Powers), WT (Pistol), Light Sleeper, Psy Rating: 2, Charmed Roll 1d10 when using a Fate Point (not Burning), on a natural 9 it is not lost. Ill Omened: -5 to all Fellowship tests to interact with non Voidborn humans
Gear Best Craftsmanship Laspistol or Best Craftsmanship Stub Automatic, Best Craftsmanship Mono Sword or Common Craftsmanship Shock Staff, Imperial Guard Flak Armour, Gear : Charm, Micro Bead, Psy Focus, Void Suit
Soul Bound to the Emperor, Psychic Powers, See Without Eyes
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