Campaign and Regiment Rules

Campaign Rules

Characters generated with the following stats base (in their order of preference)

Guardsmen Characters: All Guardsmen characters (Heavy Gunner, Medic, Operator, Sergeant, Weapon Specialist) use the Regiment Rules posted below when generating their characters.

Support Specialist Characters:
All support specialist characters are posted into the 71st and as such have not had a chance to absorb all the skills that regimental characters get. A support specialist must decide their own Homeworld and previous Commanding Officer, getting the bonuses from these choices. They do not get to pick a Training or Doctrine bonus. Specialist characters start with the same equipment as a character created in the 71st and are expected to maintain it to the same standards. If a character does not have the requisite talents for any of the equipment issued then it is not issued, an untrained soldier with a weapon is more of a risk to his friends than the enemy.

Multiple Skills and Talents:
If you gain a skill more than once during character creation increase it by +10, if you gain a Talent twice during character creation you get a refund of 100xp.

Weapon Customisation:
You are allowed to customise your weapons a total of three times, but no more than twice per weapon. After that expect to be trading equipment and loot found to get the base Armourer to modify your weapons. Each weapon can sustain four weapon modifications maximum (passes and fails). After that too much has been changed and the character will have to source a new weapon.

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