Journal of the Death Orator, Constance Fairblade

Lantern Year One - Homestead

After slaying the beast which awoke us, a nightmarish monster of alabaster caked in crimson, we found safe-haven amidst a collection of long-lost lanterns and other bedraggled survivors. We named this place Feakeslyvania, the first words spoken in what seemed like an eon. Burdened with remains of the monster we set about clothing and arming ourselves with these grisly trophies. Before long we knew we must return to the darkness to face another monster, for resources were scarce and morale was low. The hunt was swift and without fault; the showdown was less so. Blaq'tastic fell, but not before emasculating the white-monster, providing the chance to land the killing blow. Returning to the settlement, we mourned the death of our fellow, celebrating his victory by turning his flensed skull into a grotesque helm. Shuttering a single lantern from the horde thus ended our first year in the darkness.

Lantern Year Two - Endless Screams

One night the settlement was awoken by the rending screams of a yet unseen beast. Oliver, ever the brave and strong, spoke words of calming fortitude to the people, bolstering their spirits. Soon after a new hunt was declared; the quarry once again a White Lion which had recently plagued the settlement. In order to decide who would attend the hunt, a contest of strength, words and speed was conducted. From this challenge emerged a clutch of hardened survivors, ready to face the darkness, tho I myself was too wounded by the ordeal to attend. On the hunt Count Vanillula apparently fell victim to Sword Grass, the infectious weed penetrating his body and poisoning his mind. The showdown by all evidence was a bloody and brutal affair. When the hunters did not return it was left to Shelfbook and I to search, finding only torn corpses and rent flesh. Gathering what we could from the carnage, we returned to the lonely settlement.

Lantern Year Three - The Hunter's Route

Cowardice would not grant us safety, so once more we prepared for the hunt. With only the two of us left, we chose a weaker Lion, a cub barely fresh from the womb. The showdown was swift and decisive, tho the resources were meagre. Knowing we could not continue as a lone-pair, it was decided to bolster our ranks. In the darkness we copulated, producing several strong heirs and heiresses to the nightmare. Time moves oddly in this place, and before long it was time for our progeny to do their part in continuing the line of succession. Affronted by this, both Stinkfinkle and Maeljoos chose instead to flee into the dark, never to return. Grinder, the strongest of the three, made us proud parents indeed, taking to the axe like his father before him. The boy was barely of age when the Butcher first came.

Lantern Year Four - The Butcher Cometh

While scouting the settlement's edges, Grinder was beset by a howling madman of furs, rusted steel and stolen lanterns. The madness which flowed from this creature swiftly drove Grinder to despair, and despite his preparation and training he was quickly dispatched in a flurry of cleaver-blows. The Butcher rampaged through the settlement, forcing both Shelfbook and I into hiding. In the aftermath there was little left to repair, for the Butcher's rage and fear knew no bounds. There was to be no hunt this year. With grim resolve we shuttered another lantern, vowing to never again by found wanting by the nightmares which inhabit the darkness.

Lantern Year Five -


  • Constance Fairblade, Death Orator
  • Blaq'tastik Crushed by a White Lion
  • Oliver Decapitated by a White Lion
  • Misty Disembowelled by a White Lion
  • Smalale Consumed by a White Lion
  • Lucy Leafjar Torn apart by a White Lion
  • Count Vanillula Bled out from wounds caused by a White Lion
  • Shelfbook
  • Stinkfinkle Abdicated to the darkness
  • Maeljoos Abdicated to the darkness
  • Grinder Beheaded by the Butcher


  • Language
  • Painting
  • Ammonia


  • Burial
  • Survival of the Fittest


  • Lantern Horde
  • Skinnery
  • Catarium
  • Organ Grinder
  • Bone Smith


  • 2x Bone Sword
  • 1x Bone Darts


  • None


  • White Lion
  • Screaming Antelope


  • The Butcher
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