Strike Squad Venari

[Grey Knights]

Three Strike Teams of Grey Knights were sequestered aboard the Ultramarines Battle-Barge 'Fury of Macragge' when it docked in high orbit above Lucerne IX. One was sent to the surface as part of the primary force, one left aboard the 'Fury' and assumed destroyed when the Battle-Barge was destroyed and one was sent to the ruins of Hive Thrace, where the diagnosticars had detected broiling daemonic energy.
Cut off from command Justicar Venari runs a campaign of terror and violence within the ruined city, striking out against the enemies of the Imperium. Far from their usual tactics, Venari nevertheless uses the power and psychic potential of his men to reave a bloody mess through the foes of the Imperium.


  • Justicar Arno Nemesis Warding Stave, Storm Bolter [Leader- Level 1]
    • Resting
  • Brother Drako Psycannon [Heavy- Level 2]
  • Brother Caddon Daemon Hammer, Storm Bolter [Combat- Level 2]
  • Brother Drystan Incinerator [Demolitions- Level 1]]


  • Brother Kaladour Force Halberd, Storm Bolter [Grey Knight- Level 1 (Re-roll armour saves of 1)]
Materials 8 Morale 6
Territory 7 Intelligence 7

Honoured Dead

  • Brother Anval Incinerator [Demolitions- Level 1]
  • Justicar Venari Force Halberd, Storm Bolter [Leader- Level 1]

Dancers of the Veiled Blade


No-one knows why the Harlequin troupe known as the Dancers of the Veiled Blade came to Lucerne IX, nor why they have appeared nowhere outside Hive Thrace. In the scheme of the larger war their presence is simply a long ignored dossier on the desk of the Lord General and a curiosity for the Ordos attaché in high orbit. But within Thrace their presence cannot help but be felt. Leaping from the shadows they have reaped a heavy toll on the forces of Chaos and the Imperium alike, spitting splinter shards and splashing blood across the dusty stones as if it were an art form.


  • Troupe Leader [Leader- Level 1]
  • Shadowseer [Medic- Level 2]
  • Solitaire [Combat- Level 1]
  • Death Jester [Veteran- Level 2]


  • Harlequin Player
Materials 5 Morale 8
Territory 7 Intelligence 8

Entourage of Kalophis the Silent

[Thousand Sons]

As battle rages on the plains of Lucerne IX warp energy swarms across its surface. As the Arch-Enemy and Imperial forces alike summon force powerful warp energy a strange convergence occurs within Hive Thrace. Dozens of Astartes walk forward, red armour rimmed with baroque bronze. They are unspeaking, the silence broken only by the babbling of the robes cultists that follow in their wake. For Kalophis Shen, The Silent Magister, it had been centuries since he had been free of the warp. And the desecration of this Hive would be his way of honouring his dark masters.


  • Aspiring Sorcerer Kalophis [Leader- Level 1]
  • Heavy [Heavy- Level 1]
  • Tzaangor [Comms- Level 1]
  • Tzaangor [Combat- Level 1]


  • Rubric Marine
  • Rubric Marine
  • Tzaangor
Materials 8 Morale 8
Territory 8 Intelligence 6
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