Lauchlin 'Lock' O'hannegan

Lauchlin "Lock" O'hannegan

Str Dex Con Int Per WP
4 2' 2 2 2 3
LP EP Speed Essence
34 32 12(6) 15

Qualities and Drawbacks:

Qualities: +8
Fast reaction time +2 - Go first (within reason), +1 WP to test fear
Nerves of Steel +3 - The character must make Fear Tests (see Getting Scared, p. 96) only when confronted with the strangest supernatural manifestations, and gains a +4 bonus to his roll even then.
Situational Awareness +2 - +2 bonus to any Perception-based rolls to sense trouble or danger in the immediate surroundings. It is very hard to sneak up on them; the same bonus applies to resist any Stealth Tasks to approach them.
Resitance Pain +1 - decrease the penalties associated with severe wounds, and add to the Willpower and Constitution Test necessary to avoid being stunned

Drawbacks: -5
Honourable -2 - This code of honor is more complex, and applies to everyone, friend or foe. The character always keeps his word and does his best to fulfill any promises he makes. He will not betray the trust of others once he has accepted it. Note that the character may be reluctant to give his word except in a good cause, because once it has been given he will abide by it.
Reckless -2 - A Reckless character is supremely overconfident and impulsive, willing to take incredible risks, often without thinking of the consequences. Most of the time, he never looks before he leaps — and gets into all kinds of trouble as a result. A Reckless character refers to act first and think about it later. He says what’s on his mind with no consideration for diplomacy or courtesy, rushes into dangerous situations, and rarely wastes time on second thoughts. Reckless does not necessarily mean suicidal, however. Acting on impulse no doubt puts the character in jeopardy, but doing something that is clearly lethal is not roleplaying, it’s just stupid.
Recurring Nightmares -1 - a roll of 1 on a D10 means the character experiences a nightmare that night). On any night when the character is afflicted by the nightmare, he loses D4(2) Endurance Points as the result of his inability to go back to sleep.

Dodge (4)
Drive (1)
Guns [Shotgun] (2)
First Aid (4)
Climb (3)
Hand Weapon [Axe] (5)
Intimidation (3)
Weightlifting (4)
Running [Dash] (4)

Battle Axe ($100), Backpack ($75), Multitool ($20), Gasmask ($200), Flashlight ($150), Lead Pipe ($25), Rope ($20), Survival Rations ($10)

- firefighter
- haunted by those he couldn't save
- recently divorced, wife took his son in the settlement
- z day happens
- moving across country to find his family

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