Leo Arkaidos

Leo Arkaidos, Rogue Trader.

Origin Path: Child of Dynasty, Savant, New Horizons, Dark Voyage, Exhilaration, Rogue Trader

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
46 48 42 33 41 61 37 39 67

Wounds: 11
Insanity: 4
Corruption: 1
Fate: 4

Awareness(B), Barter(T), Blather(T), Carouse(B), Charm(+10), Climb(B), Command(T), Commerce(T), Common Lore Koronus(T) Imperium(T) Rogue Traders(T), Concealment(B), Contortionist(B), Deceive(T), Disguise(B), Dodge(T), Evaluate(T), Forbidden Lore Xenos(+10), Gamble(B), Inquiry(B), Intimidate(B), Literacy(+10), Logic(B), Pilot Space Craft (T), Scholastic Lore Astromancy(T), Scrutiny(B). Search(B), Silent Move(B), Speak High Gothic(+10) Low Gothic(T), Swim(B), Trade Explorator(T)

Talents and Traits:
Air of Authority (command number of targets 1D10 plus his fellowship bonus), Ambidextrous (does not suffer the -20 for performing actions with off-hand), Quick Draw (ready as a free action), Leap Up (stand up as a free action), Renowned Warrant (+10 on interaction tests against those who understand the warrant), Jaded (never gain IP from mundane horrors), Honour (+5 Fel for when interacting high ranking officials), Unseen Enemy (the Child of Dynasty has an enemy who covets their position, wealth or ship), Rogue Trader (+10 to an ally who can hear and see the RT), Dynasty Warrant (+3 Ship points, any unspent are lost)

Common Quality Plasma Pistol (1D10+6, S/2/- Pen:6, R:30m, 3Full, Clip: 10, Overheats), Common Quality Powersword (1D10+5, Pen:5, Balanced, Power), Micro Bead, Void Suit, set of fine clothing, Xenos Pelt, Best Quality Enforcer Light Carapace (HABL:6, 7.5kg)

Leo Arkaidos is a tall thin man, standing approximately 6'5" and weighing in at 82kg. His silver grey hair is drawn back into a ponytail and a gentlemans moustach adorns his upper lip. Leo considers himself an expert duelist with any pistol, he has a particular fondness for high-powered single-shot weaponry such as the dueling las. A fair turn with the blade but he much prefers to leave such work to others better suited to getting gore on their slippers. An avid Xeno-Archanist, Leo absorbs all he can regarding the alien, whether it be medicines, consumables, weapons or culture. Considered to be quite progressive for an Imperial, Leo nevertheless maintains an air of caution when dealing with the Xeno's of the expanse; after all, his grandfather died at the hands of the Orks, his father, the fearsome Umbra. Flamboyant and vivacious, Leo easily charms his way into the hearts of the high ranking, his easy-come easy-go attitude a refreshing change from all the grim minded ghouls with long faces and dark stories. Do not be fooled however, deep within his bubbling personality lies a darker core, a man who has seen what terrors await those who are not prepared or armed with the knowledge to face them…

Imagine Leo as a less-psychotic version of V from V for Vendetta. For appearances he looks similair to Revolver Ocelot from Metal Gear Solid.

Crew Connections:
Reth Garidos: Leo's ship was part of the Admech explorator fleet that helped destroy the pirate fleet that reth was a prisoner on. Reth became indentured to the Arkaidos dynasty after undergoing skitarii modification and has been a loyal bodyguard ever since.

Hades Vulcanov: Hades was found in stasis in a Meritech holding facility. Out of pure curiosity Leo had him awoken and attached to the Navis Nobilite. Hades has proved himself a loyal crewmember with his collected and pragmatic approach to situations, often being a voice of reason in an otherwise flamboyant setting.

Arthis Tybalt: Arthis led Leo and his crew into the Meritech facility where Hades was found. Arthis's thirst for battle and analytical deconstruction of combat situations proved invaluable in the dark reaches of the Meritech plant. With their mission complete, Leo offered to purchase Arthis's services as an Arch Militant.

Sarvus: After a falling out with the Ecclisiarchal portion of the Guard regiment he was attached too, Sarvus was forced to flee to the halo stars. It was here that members of the Redemptionist faction found him and attempted to purge the psyker. Hades and Leo performed a timely intervention and rescued Sarvus from a grim fate. In need of an Astropath that was not known by his familiy, Leo bought Sarvus' service in return for sanctuary aboard his ship.

Master of Whispers: TBA

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