The Lord of the Lost Heart




Campaign Rules

The campaign takes place in a dell in the Great Forest, near where the River Delb meets the Talabec.

The Players take on the role of conscripted Soldiers, fresh from a brutal defeat with the northern barbarians during the Storm of Chaos. The army has disbanded, with small groups seperating and forming into mercenary teams, privateers or returning to their old lives.

Players may choose a career to play, from any available career besides those which are considered professional martial; Soldier, Militiaman, Shieldbraker, Mercenary, Marine, Squire, Kossar.

Players have 700exp to spend in this career. A further 300exp is given, but may only be spent in the Soldier career path. This is to represent their time spent in the Empire Army as Conscripted Irregulars. Players may choose to either continue in the Soldier career, or their career of choosing as further exp is rewarded. (keep in mind that your are still allowed you one free advance of either 5% to any stat you can upgrade, or +1 to your secondary profile.

Stat allocation is as follows; 20/18/15/12/11/10/8/6

Players begin with no Trappings from their chosen class. You are allowed to choose one of the following Trapping Sets;

-Great Weapon (Halberd), Full Leather Armour, Studded Leather Jerkin, Studded Leather Cap, Dagger, Hand Weapon

-Firearm and 10 shots, Leather Jerkin, Leather Cap, Dagger, Hand Weapon

-Spear, Shield, Mail Shirt, Full Leather Armour, Mail Coif, Dagger, Hand Weapon

-Crossbow and 10 bolts, Full Leather Armour, Dagger, Hand Weapon

All Players start with a tattered uniform.

Players also have 25GC to spend on any item available in the Rule Book or Old World Armoury. This reflects whatever you could reasonably steal, appropriate, loot or claim during and after the battles you have fought in, as well as any left over money you were able to scrounge from the Paymasters coffers before the army was overrun.

Players are subject to the Encumbrance Rule. See pg. 103 in the FRP Rule Book for details.

Penalties for Armour are as follows; No penalty for Leather Armour, -10% to Agility based tests for Mail Armour, -10% Agility and -1 to Movement for Plate/Scale Armour. These effects do stack.

Players may sell any item they wish for 1/3 its cost.

Players also must roll 1D10 on the below table for an injury suffered during the Storm of Chaos. These have no mechanical effect but are simply for character purposes.

1-2 The Burning: The player has burns covering 30% of their body from boiling tar or super-heated sand
3-4 The Duel: The player has a wicked scar marking their face, a memento left by a superior swordsman
5-6 The Deadeye: The player is missing an eye from a well-placed arrow or bolt
7-8 The Limp: The player has a pronounced limp from a blow to the leg
9-10 The Amputee: The player is missing something, an ear, a nose, a lip, some fingers, some toes, a nipple, whatever the player decides upon.

Experience will be given in lots of about 300-400 per session, with an additional 50-100 for outstanding roleplaying, and the usual lots of 10 for staying within your character tropes.

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