Trueborn Orc, Wolfrunner, Lycanblood, Assassin

14 13 12 8 14 8


Experience: 0
Taint: 0
Size: Medium
Speed: 6m


  • +4CON v poison, gas, disease, environment, endurance
  • Fearsome Appearance (4) v non-Orcs, as a bonus vs Orcs
  • Fearsome Appearance (2) v non-Lycanbloods
  • Immunity to Magical Diseases
  • Unarmed Attacks deal d6 slashing
  • Heightened Senses (+2) All
  • Heightened Senses (+4) Smell
  • Darkvision (Colourless)

Skills: Nature (Alpine), Awareness, Stealth, Parry, Dodge(+1)
Trained: Simple Blades, Simple Bows, Primitive, Military Blades,
Speaks: Trade Dwarf, Glibtongue,
Traits: Hardened, Dual Shot, Killing Blow,


CQ Bow - d10 Piercing, Range 50, Rld(1/2) Strength Factor2
CQ Longsword d10 Slashing, Versatile2
Winter Cloak1, Backpack1 Bedroll,
60 Springhead Arrows2
20 Broadhead Arrows1

Head: [PQ Closehelm] (HF 4) [-4 Per]
Body: [Leather Shirt (B2), Splintmail Hauberk (B5) Weight 12
Arms: [Leather Shirt (A2), Splintmail Hauberk (A4)] ^
Legs: [Leather Leggings (L2), Splintmail Hauberk (L4)] Weight 1

0 Hundreds/Dragons
0 Tens/Drakes
0 Dollars/Swords
- Cents/Slaves


Lurtz is a badass Orc warrior who lives in the woods and doesn't give a fuck. He is pretty good at fighting but he is freaking epic at shooting you in the head. He can shoot two arrows a turn at dc12 d10+11 damage, adds +1 to his criticals and dodges like a freaking ninja at dc14. Your average sledgehammer wont hurt him due to his masculine armor and CON. If you ask him how his day is going he will punch you in the face and eat your limbs. Sometimes, when he runs out of beer, he goes in to the village bar where all the locals know not to start any shit with him. Some people try to get him to do things, such as jobs, or tasks. Mostly he just upends a table or chokes a bitch, but sometime he needs to do some shopping for a new cleaver or whatever, so he does those tasks and gets the gold. Then he spends the gold on awesome stuff and becomes even more of a badass Orc warrior. These are his stories.

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