Edrik von Hellstrom

Chartered Deulist
Styrian Royal Deulist, Squire of House Taijing, Major Donor of the Scintillan Imperial Zoo

Highborn, Outcast, Desperado


Rank 5

Assured, Frenetic, Fatalist, Impetuous, Fabulous, Sexy
The wise learn from the deaths of others.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf
50 II 32 32 44 I 55 III 34 43 48 II 59 III 35

+3 Agi -3 Bs

Experience: 100400/10400
Corruption: 1
__ Insanity:__ 7
Fate Threshold: 4

Signature Trauma: Writhing Phobia
Signature Malignancy: Shadowdweller


  • Highborn: Any time a Highborn character would reduce his Influence, he reduces it by one less, to a minimum of 1.
  • Outcast: Outcasts count their characteristic bonuses as one higher for the purpose of determining if their characteristics are fatigued.
  • Desperado: When making a second attack action in the same turn, Desperado characters gain a +20 modifier to their attack test if their first attack scored one or more successful hits.
  • CQ Bionic Left Arm: 2 times per day get +20 str for 1 check. 6 toughness here.
  • CQ Bionic Organs: 2 times per day get +20 toughness for 1 check. 6 toughness here.
  • Peer Nobility: +10 in interactions against nobles.

Rank 1 (-10):
Command, Investigate, Linguistics, Logic, Medicae, Tech-Use, Pilot, Psyniscience, Remembrance.
Rank 2 (+0):
Acrobatics, Athletics, Commerce, Intimidate, Navigate, Observe, Subterfuge,
Rank 3 (+10):
Charm, Deceive, Stealth, Survival
Rank 4 (+20):


  • General
    • Weapon Training (Chain, Solid Projectile, Low Tech)
    • Dual Wielder: when making an additional attack with the offhand there is no -20 penalty.
  • Defence
    • Evasive: +1 DoS on Succesful Evade checks.
    • Disarm: Utility. 2AP. Opposed WS check against melee target. If succesful enemy drops weapon at feet. With 3+ DoS can take weapon out of enemy's hands.
    • Hard Target: -5 to be hit by ranged weapons for each move action taken (stacking).
    • Step Aside: use Evade (A) as a reaction to move move distance. If results in the attack becoming illegal (such as moving out of range, or into an illegal target area, then the attack misses.
  • Investigation
    • Keen Intuition: After failing an Observe test the character can re-attempt the test with a -10 modifier on each new attempt.
  • Melee
    • Lethal Blows: When determining the damage of a successful hit scored with a melee weapon, the character may choose to replace a single damage die of his choice with the number of DoS scored on his attack test.
    • Duelist: When engaged in melee with a single enemy, add +1 DoS to all successful Evasion (WS) checks.
    • Combat Master: When engaged in melee combat, opponents do not gain the outnumbering bonus for attacking this character.
    • Assassin Strike: Once per round, after making a melee attack the character can make an Acrobatics (A) check. If he succeeds he may immediately perform the disengage action without spending the required action points.
    • Precise Blows: When a character performs the Called Shot action with a melee weapon, his rate of attack cannot exceed 2, instead of the normal 1.
    • Furious Assault: When the character earns multiple hits with a melee attack, to the same hit location, the character may choose to combine those hits into a single hit. Determine the damage for all the hits separately and then combine them. The target must consider the combined damage, a single hit for all purposes of reducing damage.
  • Mobility
    • Quick Draw: the character may make the Ready action for Free.
  • Social
    • Public Speaking: When using social skills (Charm, Command, Deceive, Intimidate) the character can effect their Fellowship bonus of other characters.
    • Charming: When using the Charm skill, the character can affect a number of other characters equal to their Fellowship bonus multiplied by their DoS on the Charm test.
    • Deceptive: When using the Deceive skill, the character can affect a number of other characters equal to their Fellowship bonus multiplied by their DoS on the Deceive test.
    • Radiant Presence: All followers, companions and allies get +10 to resist fear and pinning.

Equipment: 16/20
Chainsword [Light] RoA = WSB-3 D10+1+SB R Pen SB Balanced, Tearing 6kg
Sslyth Storysabre [Light] RoA = AB-3 D10+3+SB Toxic (1), Special (Sslythe Blade) 4kg
Autopistol w Supressor [Light] 60m RoF = 3 D10I Pen 0 Clip 12 Rld 2 Silent (4), Close Quarters 2kg 54 bullets
Noble Styrian Finery with Xeno Mesh Underlay [ HAL:3 B: 4] Max Agi = 80 4kg
Injector, Multikey, Stummer, Microbead, Respirator

Fervious Longsabre [Heavy] RoA = 1/3 2D10+SB R 8kg stowed
Fervious Warrior-Grey Lammellar [ H:2 BAL:3] Max Agi = 707kg
Fervious Gauche [Light] RoA = AB-2 D5+AB Pen 0 ,,1kg,

Followers and Companions

  • Fervious Swift-Strider Birdlizard (named "Macharius") in a zoo
  • Fervious Carnosaur Hatchling (named "The Ministrix") in a zoo
  • Han, sword-page Citizen
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
25 25 30 30 25 25 25 25 30

Resistance: 4 (all)
Skills: Survival
Talents: Unremarkable
Equipment: Styrian Leathers, Aquilla charm, belt-knife, BQ Fervious Shortsaber, Respirator.

Styria is a feudal world that orbits a tiny, dying blue sun on the edge of the Sector Calix. Whilst technically Styria pays its tithe to the Sector Calix, it has much more connection the Koronus expanse as a regular Far-trader and Rogue Trader port.

Styria is an ancient world, and its major trade remains in archaeotech. Pre-imperial ruins dot the icy and hellishly cold wastes of Styria, the wealth that can be gained from looting these ruins always contrasted against the incredible cost, both in gelt and the lives of indentured serfs, for excavating these ruins.

The population of Styria inhabit the Ice Hives, the tips of which only just jut from the bleak ice, the majority of these structures remaining hidden under the ice. In these hives live the Styrians, a decadent and decayed society placing as much importance in the archaeotech trade that keeps their world viable as they do in the esoteric, archaic and barbaric laws and conventions that govern their life. Styria, whilst technologically advanced, is considered a feudal world by its structure, each Hive being controlled by dynastic monarchs, and all land being controlled by the Styrian nobility. The population of Styria, by and large, eek out short and brutish lives as the indentured serfs of the Highborn houses, and the Highborn revel in lavish parties and their high manses in the hives. Such is the wealth of the nobles, that powerswords, chainblades and personal fields are common, dueling is the Styrian way to settle grievances. No bounty-taking is legal on Styria, only legal duels are considered legitimate in claiming Imperial or Royal bounties on Styria. As such their are several Duelist's Guilds and Companies on Styria, and many hold significant power. The effect of this illegality of bounty taking, also sneakily insures that money claimed from bounties on Styria, stays on Styria.

Born to a Highborn family in Spire Carpathia, Edrik the firstborn son of the Hellstrom family, was schooled in the ways of the nobility and brought up with the intention of his succession to the ownership of his fathers Demesne in middle Spire Carpathia and their Estate in Spiretop. However, this never eventuated. In the fairly constant inter-hive conflicts on Styria, conflicts as much over Salvage rights as they are over honor and blood feuds, his Father turned traitor to the Queen of Carpathia, turning over sensitive information to the King of the rival Spire Boveria. After the conclusion of the war, won by Spire Carpathia, this treachery was discovered by the Queen. Hellstrom was subjected to familial execution, young Edrik, now only 11 standard, managing to escape with his life to the lower hives.

For the next 4 years of his life Edrik, scrounged in the edges of Styrian life, relegated to the Ice Caverns below the hive where even the Spiregaurds and Reeves do not patrol. It was not until the discovery of his survival in the purge of the Hellstrom family, by the Queen that anyone even knew of his survival. After 6 months of searching, the Queen's Reeves finally found Edrik, barely alive and almost starved. The Queen, initially intending to have the final Hellstrom executed, was struck by an uncharacteristic bout of mercy when the starved Edrik was presented to her in her palatial Throne room. Reminding her so much of her late-son, who had died valiantly in the war, she decided to let Edrik undergo a Trial by Battle, rather than simply face the Headsman's Poweraxe, an act of mercy many of her court thought inappropriate given his families status as traitors.

The half starved Edrik was thrown a chainsword right then and there, and in front of the entire court was made to battle one of the Queens Courtiers, though half of her court had volunteered to end his life for the Queen. In a desperate battle an injured Edrik, miraculously prevailed, killing his opponent as the Courtier attempted a flamboyant flourish to end Edrik's life. So impressed by his bravery and determination, the Queen had Edrik nursed back to health, and then transferred into the care of the Guild of Dueling, with express instructions to train the lad to be her new personal Duelist, this apprenticeship also had the effect of severing any potential claim Edrik may make on his father's Demesne, as by the Duelists charter a Chartered Duelist forsakes any claim to land-ownership or title, which they may otherwise claim by duel from a rival.

For half a decade Edrik trained in the ways of the Styrian Martial and Social Arts, from sword and dagger play, to the art of persuasion and deception, both equally as valued to a Chartered Duelist as the other, and both of which Edrik excelled in. Finishing his apprenticeship to the Guild, and signing his Charter, Edrik was transferred back to the Queens care. Edrik then began his service to the queen, in which he slew dozens of her rivals sons and daughters, infiltrating their balls and soirees and slighting their honor enough to force them to duel, killing them and presenting their blades to the Queen.

The Queen, impressed with Edrik's capacity, then developed a scheme with Edrik. Disowning the Duelist, Edrik became a Chartered Duelist in full, working only for the lesser houses in an attempt to rout out the traitors in her own court. For 2 years Edrik worked alone, for the highest bidder, slowly moving closer to those who would try to employ him against the Queen's interests. In a stroke of coincidence this operation, delivered into the hands of Edrik and the Queen, information of a heretical cult of Cryomancers operating among her enemies at court. This cults prime motivation was the manifestation of a spell to entrap the Queen's court in an ancient Sorcery of Living Ice and seize power from the Queen, ushering in a new age of Sorcery for Spire Carpathia. Acting at once against the cult, already quite mature in its plans, the Queen sent for Inquisitional help, and Edrik began to act against the cult, uncovering more key players, and slowly and legally eliminating those he could. Suffice to say, Edrik's allegiance and motivations were uncovered, and he was quickly isolated and captured by the cult. Edrik was imprisoned by the Cryomancers in living ice, becoming part of the soul-fuel for the ritual.

The cult was finally destroyed by the combined efforts of the Queen, and Inquisitor Raphael Vulpus merely days before the spell could be enacted, and Edrik was among those rescued. Subsequently tested for purity and soudness of mind and body, Edrik was declared pure by the Interrogators, despite the heretical enchantment he had been imprisoned under. The Queen was sadly killed in the purge of the cult, and Edrik, though rescued became devoid of employer, protector and responsibility. For his role in the investigation of the cult, as well as his resilience to the Cryomancer's enchantment, Inquisitor Vulpus adopted the Chartered Duelist into his warband.

This marks the first time that Edrik von Hellstrom will have been off world, as a Chartered Deulist for the Inquisition, leaving behind the icy spires of Styria, with nothing left behind for him to go back to.


  • Starting EXP ([500])
    • Public Speaking (Social) (200)
    • Lethal Blows (Melee) (200)
    • Charm Rank 2 (+0) (100)
  • Rank 1 (0-1000 [1150])
    • Subterfuge Rank 2 (+0) (100)
    • Disarm (Defense) (200)
    • Duelist (Melee) (200)
    • WP +5 [1] (450)
  • Combat Master (Melee) (200)
  • Rank 2 (1000-2000 [1000])
    • Deceive Rank 3 (+10) (200)
    • Charm Rank 3 (+10) (200)
    • Charming (Social) (200)
    • Deceptive (Social) (200)
    • Fellowship 1 (+5) (200)
  • Rank 3 (2000-4000 [2000])
    • Weapon Skill 1 (+5) (400)
    • Quick Draw (Mobility) (200)
    • Assassin Strike (Melee) (400)
    • Precise Blows (Melee) (400)
    • Weapon Skill 2 (+5) (400)
    • Fellowship 2 (+5) (200)
  • Rank 4 (4000-7000 [3100])
    • Evade Rank 3 (+10) (300)
    • Observe Rank 2 (+0) (300)
    • Agility 1 (+5) (200)
    • Agility 2 (+5) (200)
    • Stealth Rank 3 (+10) (300)
    • Furious Assault (Melee) (400)
    • Keen Intuition (Investigation) (200)
    • Weapon Training [Low Tech] (300)
    • Dual Wielder (General) (600)
    • Toughness 1 +5 (300)
  • Rank 5 (7000-10000 [2200])
    • Athletics Rank 2 (150)
    • Evade Rank 4 (450)
    • Hard Target (Defense) [200]
    • Step Aside (Defense) [400]
    • Fellowship 3 (+5) [250]
    • Commerce Rank 1 (+0) [150]
    • Survival Rank 2 (+10) [450]
    • Agility 3 +5 [250]
    • Willpower 2 +5 [600]
    • Influence +1 [100]
    • Peer (Nobility) [GM's Gift]
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