Military Intelligence

++Intelligence Summary:

Current disposition of enemy forces

Trade Fleet [Depleted fleet, infantry & air assets]
Segmentum Solar Auxilla [Significant fleet and infantry, moderate armoured & artillery assets]
Fire Hawks Astartes - [Remarkably aggressive armoured cavalry disposition]
Marines Errant Astartes - [Highly Codex-compliant, flexible infantry tactics]
Howling Griffons Astartes - [Tactically assertive, employs effective armoured assaults]
Fire Angels Astartes - [Extremely Codex-compliant. Medium to long range tactics, extensive artillery]
Novamarines Astartes - [No intelligence available]

Planetary Dossiers


  • Badab Prime - Fortress World
  • Eshunna - Hive/Forge World
  • Hattusa - Waste World
  • Archaea - Agri World
  • Piraeus - Industrial World
  • Ims- Imperial World
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