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As the snows of winter melt new warbands begin to move into our once fair city. Forces of the Witch Hunters rally within the Temple of Sigmar, led by a new firebrand and formed into a group calling themselves the 'Heralds of Magnus'. Within the sewers the Skaven of the Sneekobi Verminkin follow their leader, the infamous ratman assassin Kom Kamawachamaroo Kumawakamaru (apologies, my Skaven is patchy). Two establishments in the city are now sending warbands out into the streets. The first are the 'Blades of Burgdorf', mercenaries who fight for gold pure and simple. The other are the 'Serpent Brides', mysterious figures from Cathay who worship dark gods. With these new warbands in play, we are sure to have a bloody season ahead folks. As always my advice stays the same: Stay indoors, avoid trouble if you can and keep your knives close.



Fresh from a day of drinking the Blades of Burgdorf appear to have bumped into the Skaven of Sneekobi Verminkin on the edge of O'Fallahan's Corner. In a flurry of bolts and blades the furred beasts were soon driven off, but not before Sir Albrecht, the leader of the Blades, was driven through with half a dozen curved knives. Rumour is Kazmir has claimed his not small purse, and is stepping up to lead the Blades while the Skaven have retreated to the sewers without leaving a trace. With the leader of one group of their enemies slain, their path to ruling the surface looking much clearer.

Seeking their leader Magister Zhou the Witch Hunters corner the warbands of the Possessed outside of their establishment the 'Snake Den'. Blood is spilled in the streets as foul possessed clash with frenzied zealots, but soon the Witch Hunters are forced to retreat from the spiced moan-filled establishment.


  • Sir Albrecht, dishonoured knight from Altdorf, who was stabbed to death by the Skaven black assassin Kumawakamaru.



After Kazmir takes over leadership of the Blades of Burgdorf he is offered a missive from Wulfrick of the Witch Hunters. "Give up your alliance with the warlock Niko or suffer our wrath". Laughing off the threat Kazmir refuses, even going as far as to take his warband to defile a ruined chapel of Sigmar. The Witch Hunters attack during the night, and Kazmir is found crucified in the very same chapel the following morning.

Meanwhile seeking out a rumoured treasure on the outskirts of the city the skittering skaven fall upon the forces of the Serpent Brides. The Brides retrieve the teasure but are mobbed by the rat-men, one mutant having his limbs gnawed off by a swarm of rats that burrow from the ground itself! The Brides flee the field and the ratmen claim the treasure, gold and gems buried by a paranoid noble in an age past.


  • Kazmir, of the mercenaries, who was executed for his heresies by the Witch Hunter Wulfrick.

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