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Once a thriving city in the Empire, Mordheim was destroyed on the stroke of midnight by a twin tailed comet that many believed to be the second coming of Sigmar. Thousands had flocked to the city to observe the comet, only to be killed when it made contact within the city walls.

It was soon discovered that the comet had saturated Mordheim with so-called 'wyrdstone', a powerful magical crystal valued on black markets across the Empire. Wyrdstone could perform miracles; healing the sick, resurrecting the dead and aiding powerful magic. Word of the wyrdstone in Mordheim soon spread across the Empire and beyond, and groups flooded from far and wide to take plunder the once proud city.

Foul chaos worshippers and vampires eager to use the wyrdstone for their own nefarious purposes soon flooded the streets with undead and much worse. From beneath the city came the skaven and from beyond her walls mercenaries without count, come to make coin in the permanent battle ground that the ruins of Mordheim had become. Lastly came those eager to purify the city. Sisters of Sigmar brought hammers to those unwilling to bend to them, and Witch Hunters sent by Magnus the Pious to burn any who had strayed from Sigmar's light. These groups clash on the streets of Mordheim, fighting amongst themselves and searching the ruined city for any wyrdstone they can find…



The Blades of Burgdorf
Based out of the 'Burgdorf Tavern' within the walls of Mordheim this warband is a ragtag group of thieves and ex-soldiers kept together by the charisma of their leader, the disgraced knight Sir Abrecht. Seeking wyrdstone to sell to a warlock who frequents the tavern, the group usually sober up for long enough to bring their forces to bare against enemy warbands. Usually.

Cult of the Serpent Brides
Hailing from the far-off lands of mysterious Cathay, the Serpent Brides provide services of a carnal nature for those who are brave or foolish enough to still traverse the river Mordheim. Behind the red curtains of 'The Snakepit', a lurid pun on the act fornication, await musty and incense filled rooms wherein all manner of pleasure can be experienced…

Sneekobi Verminkin
The sewers of Mordheim play host to a mysterious warband who use the putrid tunnels to move quickly and stealthily through the city in their search for warpstone. They scour the city as a tide of shadows, preceded by chittering that echoes through empty buildings and leaving only bloodstains where others thought to harvest the comets bounty.

The Hunters of Mordheim and Heralds of Magnus
A witch-hunter band come to the city to purge it of it's heresies. It's leader's pack of hunting dogs are feared by all those who do not have Sigmar in their hearts, and many witches are burned alive by the warband's firebrand warrior priest.


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