Nacael Faven

Assault Marine of the Angels Sanguine Chapter

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
58 34 846 842 54 42 46 37 45

Wounds: 20

Insanity: 0

Corruption: 0

Fate: 4

Experience: 1000 left to spend

Demeanors: The Red Thirst, Hot Blooded

Basic: Barter, Carouse, Charm, Command, Contortionist, Deceive, Disguise, Gamble, Inquiry, Intimidate, Scrutiny, Search, Swim.
Trained: Awareness, Ciphers (Chapter Runes), Climb, Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War), Concealment, Dodge, Drive Ground Vehicle, Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Literacy, Navigate (Surface), Pilot (Personal), Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes), Silent Move, Speak (High Gothic, Low Gothic), Tactics (Assault Doctrine), Tracking.

Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapon Training, Bulging Biceps, Heightened Senses (Sight, Hearing), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Psychic Powers), Swift Attack, True Grit, Unarmed Master.

Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2)
-Solo Ability: Blood Frenzy
-Squad Ability: Wrathful Descent.

Astartes Power Armour, (“Thine arm be the scouge of the impure”)
Astartes Bolt Pistol, Astartes Chainsword, Astartes Combat Knife, 3x Astartes Frag Grenades, 3x Astartes Krak Grenades, Repair Cement, Astartes Jump Pack, Golden Icon (Wings of Wrath).

Background; The Blood of Sanguinius Following a period of upheaval within the Chapter, Lord-Commander Dante summoned the Masters of several trusted Blood Angels Successors, to discuss the future of the bloodline. Initially, long-standing prejudices marred the proceedings, but when the conclave was interrupted by attack, differences were laid aside. Beasts of Chaos, engineered from the Blood Angel's own gene seed by Fabius Bile, sought to consume the blood of the Primarch, held in reliquaries within the Chapter Vaults. United in victory, the Chapter Masters swore an oath of brotherhood unprecedented in Astartes history. Any son of Sanguinius could now call upon the aid of his cousins, who would be bound to support him. Errant chapters such as the Flesh Tearers and Angels Sanguine had long been isolated from the Imperium due to their frequent barbarity. Dante ensured that they were returned to the fold, with such displays of solidarity as renewed recruitment for duty among the Deathwatch. Librarian Ashok, representative of the Angels Sanguine at the conclave, swore himself and his retinue into this service, as a show of support for Dante.

Nacael was among the honor guard so sworn. Traditionally, his secretive chapter has regarded Deathwatch service as an annoyance; he regards Ashok's decision as naively idealistic and risky, though he little objects to the casual butchery that is the Deathwatch mandate.

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