Citadel of Skulls GM Notes

Campaign Rulings

Starting Characters

  • New characters start with D5 Corruption and Insanity points, to represent dangerous lives lived.

Notes on Basic Skills + Infused Knowledges

  • Character knowledge will be limited by experience, as well as DoS on tests. If you have reasonably never been to a place your knowledge of it will be purely academic or otherwise limited, despite 10 DoS on a basic knowledge test. Gm can always override Infused Knowledge with common sense.

Elite Careers and Unique Weapons

  • Even within the vastness of the Koronus Expanse there are individualities. If a player wishes to take an advanced career they need to facilitate it in campaign, either obviously working towards it or asking the GM that something be written in that allows them to obtain it.
  • Likewise if a player successfully rolls to acquire a Near Unique or Unique item it does not teleport into their hand. A challenge or session will be devised by the GM to allow the player to earn this item.


  • Colony Cycles will now be 1 year, rather than 1/4 of a year. This is to slow down progression.

The Heist

Required Items Rarity Plan of retrieval
Psyker Sanctioning Special Skar to acquire in Skaarsdelve, Iniquity
Guide to Citadel of Skulls Special Acquire in Skaarsdelve, Iniquity

Operations Execution

  • Hide Lazarus in Hollowmoon; take Nostromo/Blackbird down to Skaarsdelve
    • Source implants for psykers, get the general lay of the place. Assassination target 1.
  • Specialty Halo Barge and barges for transporting vehicles and troops land outside Citidel weapon range in the mountains; deploys drill and chimeras/trucks; Hellbore begins drilling
  • Party makes its way across country using Sherpas. Assassination target 2 at Manufactorum.
  • Scout out the Citadel, gather intel etc.
  • Once party receives word the Hellbore is in place, perform joint assault/infiltration, making a beeline for the catacombs and the Vault
  • Once inside the Vault, lay Hellbore beacon
    • Hold position with Fireteams until the Hellbore can enter the catacombs
  • Load up Chimeras/Trucks while Hellbore goings back to lander; lay collapsing charges to cover escape; plant atomic
  • Trucks/Chimeras flee up tunnel; collapsing charges are detonated, collapsing the tunnel behind the party
  • Everything gets loaded onto the specialty Halo Barge. Chimeras and truck are loaded on seperate halo barge.
  • Rendezvous with the Lazarus
  • Profit
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