Skrynne Combat Log

Mission 1

Entry 1: A hard landing and a warm welcome

Private Log: Corporal Modeci Stern

Mission Clock Start:
0.00: -I was with Sergeant Konstantin when he received the orders. He showed them to me himself and the lack of specific details was painful. Regardless he began giving orders to the men and with a routine efficiency they began organising their gear, including Janos and my own as we had other tasks to take care of.
0.15: -Located our support specialists. Recon specialist (Tybalt) seems like a decent man, the usual mix of stillness and twitches that I have come to expect of a seasoned sniper. Commissar Spiridon on the other hand bristles with barely contain gusto, his freshly pressed Commissar’s uniform a clear reminder that like so many of 6th squad, this was his first real deployment.
0.25: -Rendezvoused with the rest of 6th Squad, the men appear to have everything in its right place despite the suddenness of the orders. The sergeant addresses the squad with general instructions while the Commissar reminds the men of their duty to the Holy Emperor. SPC Tybalt is introduced to his squad liaison, our sharpshooter Trooper Dorn, and they seem to bond quite quickly.
0.30: -General gear check begins while Spiridon, Konstantin and myself discuss tactics for the landing. With our information so lacking we decide to instruct the men on a basic perimeter formation, with the ability to change on the ground if need be. The Commissar is allocated his regimental gear but barely strains under the weight of the numerous items within.
0.35: -Medicae drops off anti-atmosphere sickness meds although leaves before explaining proper usage. Konstantin attempts to talk to the Sergeants of the other squads about the LZ, to no avail.
0:45: -Boarded Orbital Lander 0194:HADES and take our seats with little issue. We begin to notice that we are alone on the lower level. I inquire with Konstantin but he has no more information than me.
0:55: -0194:HADES departs troop carrier [MF-128725], casting off without incident.
1:25: -Troopers Rozsa and Bron disciplined by Konstantin for incorrect sitting position in lander webbing.
1:40: -Troopers amongst the squad begin to be sick. SPC Tybalt and SGT Konstantin also spill their stomachs on the deck. I suspect incorrect application of medicine to be the cause, I vocalise this to the SGT on a private channel.
2:00: -Ship breaks atmosphere and the heavy shaking stops, voices now become audible from the squads in the holds above.
2:15: -SPC Tybalt spots a black dot approaching the craft and the SGT relays the warning to LT Lazar.
2:18: -Evasive manoeuvres began by the Landers pilot but are difficult in such a large machine. Sounds of moving gear and groans of pain from above imply that the other squads of 7th had not properly stowed their packs. The Commissar takes a bruise on his face as his own pack bucks around and hits him.
2:19: -Enemy Encountered: Hit by enemy munitions. High calibre, probably based of an in-atmo fighter. Reports from above show wounded in squads 2, 3 and 8, while a quick glance around shows 6th as unmolested at this stage.
2:20: -Escort fighter destroys enemy fighter. A cheer is raised amongst the other squads.
2:24: -Common Vox has scattered reports of engine Beta catching fire. Descent steepens. SGT gives the order to brace for impact.
2:30: -Impact.
2:32: -6th Squad Report: No casualties, minor injuries, all equipment secured.
2:35: -Set up on landing doors [Closed]
2:36: -Doors remain closed. SGT Konstantin makes vox contact with the LT who informs him the pilots are unresponsive.
2:45: -Manual Override successful, the door drops and following the Commissar we dismount 0194:HADES.
2:45: -First Contact

Medicae’s Report, Psychiatric Evaluation: Trooper Bron (VI, 7th, 12th, 71st Malice)

‘So we made landing okay. Well…okayish….then we followed the commissar out of the hatch. We saw that the enemy had set up firing positions on the Northern side of the landing area, with some sort of heavy weapons or some such. Stern tells me it was what the Orks call a “Heavy Shooter”, as if that tells me anything. We took pack cover and then once we realised the jungle on our flanks was clear we move to there. The Orks were too busy shooting at the ship itself to worry us much so we reached cover with little issue. Mithras, Dorn, all of them…still alive at that stage. Mithras still had a smile on his face, as though this was some sort of picnic and he couldn't see the hell around him.’
‘He never did stop smiling, even when he…anyway we returned fire somewhat. Sarg kept rattling on about not firing on auto to conserve ammo, I think he was joking because the Las we pack don’t even have auto fire!’
‘We suppressed for a while and I could see the Sarg and Stern formulating plans for a flanking move when the CPL spotted something and called out: “Ork sapper team, rear of ship”. The Sarg instructed Bruul, Havelock and Rozsa to continue fire on the Ork position while SPC Tybalt and Trooper Dorn started trying to pin the Ork det-team. Under their covering fire me, the Sarg, Stern, Mithras and that hard faced Commissar advanced to try and stop the sabotage attempt.’
“You charged the Orks?”
‘Nah nah, Sarg isn’t dumb just brave. We moved closer for Las volleys and so the Commissar could bring his Bolt Pistol to bare.’
‘…Anyway where was I? Yeah right; we advanced. Got close enough and Corporal Stern destroyed one of the creatures with a Melta Blast, thing just ceased to exist. Always thought Meltas were a bit over kill on infantry but it sure thinned the numbers good and proper. One of the Orks charged the Sarg and I so I didn’t see anything for a bit. Once the Sarg chopped that things head off with his chainsword I saw that all the visible Orks were dead, most with their heads missing entirely thanks to our new Specialist.’
“This is where it went wrong?”
‘Frak no, it was already gone wrong. While we fought the Ork the ship started to tear itself apart. It was burning on inside and out and the Company were struggling to disembark without being burned. We could hear the screaming over the vox and from the hollow thumps inside the ship I guess ammo was detonating as well. I sure am glad I was on the outside.’
‘Orks had been busy out here though and we had two mines to deal with, attached to the ship’s hull. Commissar started cutting one off with his chainsword, the blade making an unholy din even over all the screams and gunshots. The Sarg attempted to do the same at the front of the ship and Stern jumped up to help him. He’s got an eye for that technical stuff sometimes. Or he likes to think he does at least.’
‘Anyway within a minute I hear a beep and so I turn to look what I was. Well the mine was ready to go off wasn't it. There was a deafening bang and SGT Konstantin and CPL Stern were thrown off it, hurled a few metres away onto the ground. I was knocked back as well, falling to the ground completely winded…But poor Sunshine, he didn’t even see it coming. The mine detonated right on him and he…just…wasn’t there. One second he was there smiling and then flash, gone.’
‘Ship itself exploded about a minute later but I’d dragged them to safety by then. Orks had all been killed but it still looked like we were in trouble, I didn't see the LT anywhere. We sounded off and the Commissar led us back to town. We got 27 people out. Of the whole 7th Platoon we got 27. Lucky those Catachans were there otherwise we would have been Grox feed down there all alone.’
“So why is it you have come to see me Trooper? You seem unharmed physically.”
‘Sleep issues sir. It’s Sunshine’s smile sir. Trooper Mithras that is, he’s smiling and he’s talking to me but blood is running down his face…And he’s just standing there…and he’s saying “it should have been you”…’

Entry 2: Gamma 29

Private Log: Corporal Modeci Stern, Acting Executive Officer 7th Platoon

With the Lieutenant still missing I find myself the executive officer of 7th Platoon. Of what's left of it that is. The Sergeant and I have only been awake for a day and we are trying to fix the frakking mess that is 7th. Konstantin is acting CO and while he is good with the men he disdains paperwork. So here I am. Casualty listings from the landing, the men are taking to calling it "The Dropsite Massacre", And current disposition.

7th Platoon, Skrynne Landing:


  • KIA or MIA [Landing Zone]

1st Squad:

  • KIA or MIA [Landing Zone]

2nd Squad:

  • KIA or MIA [Landing Zone]

3rd Squad:

  • KIA or MIA [Landing Zone]

4th Squad:

  • KIA or MIA [Landing Zone]

5th Squad:

  • Two KIA or MIA [Landing Zone]
  • One KIA [Died from wounds]

6th Squad:

  • Mithras, Lug: KIA [Landing Zone]
  • Konstantin, Janos: WIA
  • Stern, Mordeci: WIA
  • Spiridon, Stelios: WIA

7th Squad:

  • KIA or MIA [Landing Zone]

8th Squad:

  • One KIA or MIA [Landing Zone]
  • One KIA [Died from wounds]

7th Platoon Current Disposition:
Squad VI
Sergeant Konstantin
5 Troopers [Driver, Heavy, Medic]
Commissar Spiridon
Specialist Tybalt

Squad VIII
Corporal Stern
7 Troopers [Heavy Weapons, Driver]

Squad V
Corporal Garvel
7 Guardsmen

This place isn’t horrible. It’s a warzone like any other but with more mud and trees. All the structures are underground and the Catachans seem to loathe outsiders. They run patrols out into the jungle and return with Ork trophies, apparently there is a betting pool running on the squad with the most recovered Ork teeth. The Colonel here, named “Slaughter” by his men, has allowed us to “earn our keep” (his words) by manning the walls in shifts. So we will man the walls and be part of this Depot until our orders come in from command. Lord on His Throne let it be soon, I long for some the solid purity of buildings.

It’s been a month in Supply Depot Gamma 29 and we’re finally moving out. Our stint here began when we realized that via a logistical error our unit had no new orders and, as far as the magistratum were concerned, no longer existed. This brought a laugh from the Catachan but no new orders from Slaughter. So here we have been, digging ourselves in and manning the walls like any other unit stationed here. Slaughter has, it seems, considered us of use now though. We are to scout a nearby Promethium refinery that fell to an Ork attack over a year ago. He has labelled it "Operation: Eviscerating Flame", which I doubt refers to our combat abilities but rather the fact he expects us to fail. All his men present when he announced the title sniggered, cementing my suspicions. The Colonel has little to no information on enemy numbers so we will head out in force tomorrow, leaving only Tango squad behind under Corporal Garvel.

Mission: Eviscerating Flame

  • Primary Objective: Scout promethium refinery.
  • Primary Objective: Secure promethium refinery and vox to Command for reinforcements.

Mission Gear Allocation:
7th Platoon, 12th Company, 71st Malice Regiment of Foot.
Location: Skrynne.
Commanding Officer: Colonel Slaughter (Catachan 223rd)

  • 16x Jungle Fatigues
  • 4x Det Charges
  • 2x Heavy Stubbers with 600 rounds [2x 300]
  • 2x Transports [Wheeled].

Entry 3: 'The Big Green'

As Corporal Garvel watched the final men from his Platoon loaded into the matte green trucks he was struck by a strange feeling. The Sergeant; the heart of the Platoon, Corporal Stern; still bearing the scars from his encounter with an Ork bomb during the landing and Specialist Tybalt; his skill with a rifle beginning to even impress the Catachans, all bundled into the back of the trucks once the troopers were aboard, setting off into the green madness outside the camp. Watching the trucks leave the compound Garvel had the horrible feeling that none of them would ever come back.

Private Log: Corporal Modeci Stern, Acting Executive Officer 7th Platoon

We made a good pace through the jungle at first, even almost keeping up with the speed the Colonel had predicted, but soon what little road there was became mud paths and our progress was slowed to a crawl. The first day’s travel was, nevertheless, uneventful and we set up a picket and delegated watch shifts once it began to get dark. My own shift passed without incident, the forest remaining reasonably quiet. However I awoke during the night to shouts and the revving of a chainsword. Running towards the noise I arrived at the picket just in time to see Janos standing over an 8 legged beast, his chainsword awash with its near transparent blue blood.

Contact Report:
0300: Picket ambushed at Location C.
Target: Local Xenos breed. 8 Legged hunting cat. Status: Dead
Casualties: None. Sergeant Konstantin lightly wounded.
Notes: Sentries doubled for the night. SGT Konstantin’s picket duty taken by CPL Stern while he rested from the encounter.

The fight was over so quickly that some of the men never even woke up but regardless those who did returned to sleep within a few minutes, who knows when we will next have a good nights sleep after all. I have taken Janos’ watch and in the morning we will head off towards the Promethium refinery once again.

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